Internet connection & cost cutting

Finally, i cut off my 8mb Starhub broadband internet connection. Took a 1mb broadband connection from Singtel instead and surprise, surprise, the performance of the 1mb Singtel connection is more reliable and better than what Starhub provided.

Also i was being charged $80 (Rs 2060) per month for a pathetic internet connection by Starhub. It was an internet connection that would be slow when I needed it the most. Eg. most of the evenings, the internet speed would be really crawling and i would have difficulty watching the streaming news on ibnlive and cnbc. As for weekends, the less said the better. The problem with Starhub is that it gives a shared connection. Though the company refuses to admit, it lays a single pipe to a building and as the number of people taking connection in the building increases, you see a marked decrease in the speed and performance of your internet connection.

The Singtel internet connection is dedicated and the 1mb broadband works pretty good. And the icing on the cake? I pay only $15 (Rs 390) per month for the connection. A savings of around $65 ( Rs1690 ) per month or $780 (Rs 20,200) per year. Can you imagine that? I can buy 112 shares of Reliance Petroleum with that money and am sure that the money would double within 2 years time.

And so, my cost cutting methods continue. Realised that complacency is one of the biggest reason why we waste a lot of money. Last month i wrote down every expense that i incur over a month. Then spent time to see how i can reduce them or even cut those expenses completely.

cost cutting

First off, i removed the sports subscription from my cable TV. It saves me $25 (Rs 650) per month to start off. Not much if you see initially, but it does add up to a substantial $300 (Rs 7800) per year.

The second step was to stop taking cabs/taxis for all frivolous reasons. No matter the destination, i opted only for bus or train. If it was urgent, i would rather leave for the destination 30 minutes earlier than normal. This saved me almost $10 per trip. 4 months of not taking a cab saved me more than $370 (Rs 9620). With the American economy already in a recession, one doesn’t know how it might affect the world economy. Its always better to err on the side of caution. So, save and cut down on expenses as much as possible.

There are lots of other places where i have cut my expenses like credit cards, dining out, hanging out with friends, shopping etc. More of it in my next post. Till then….

Happy Lunar New Year. Hope the year of the Rat brings much happiness, prosperity and peace to all of you and your loved ones.

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  1. dinsan says:

    Man, here in India, we are still short of bandwidth.. and its like gold 😦

  2. XXX says:

    my starhub connection is 8MB/sec
    but i can’t even get to 50KB/sec
    8MB and 50KB is so different
    like you said, in evening connection so slow
    If singtel can give exect connection speed
    1MB = 1 MB … then I also better change to it 🙂

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