1. lazybug says:

    Why call it Force India? Simply Kingfisher would have been better.

  2. Nah…Force India sounds better. A bit more patriotic!

  3. Liju Philip says:

    Its psychological marketing 😉 A billion strong market is too difficult for Mallya to ignore.

  4. lazybug says:

    Yeah, but the car’s gonna end up in some where around 10-15 position in the races. How patriotic would that be?

  5. Liju Philip says:

    I dont think there is anything patriotic in the naming even though Mallya would like us to believe otherwise.

    But then, Mallya is too shrewd a businessman to let go of any such opportunity to get as much eyeballs as possible.

    Imagine its 2010 and Force India is racing on a track in India. Imagine the hype that our media would create. That’s what Mallya would want his Kingfisher brand to capitalise on.

    Btw, i would like to clarify that Iam in no way questioning the integrity or patriotism of Vijay Mallya. I have huge respect for the man who spent his own money to bid for the sword of Tipu Sultan and bring it back to India.

  6. I just said ‘a bit more patriotic’; not patriotic! But then, that’s what everything is about, isn’t it? Money. Take cricket for example. Team India. Sounds patriotic? It does. But there’s probably billions of dollars riding behind that brand name.

    If such a branding is OK in cricket, why not F1?

  7. lazybug says:

    I find it strange in F1 because, unlike in Cricket, the Car and the drivers both need not be from the same country. And, you don’t represent your country in F1, it’s the team / car maker / sponsor.

    When Narain Karthikeyan raced for Jordan, the patriotism was there, no? but he did not represent India.

  8. @Lazybug
    You are right. I forgot that point. Heck, at least let us feel better that India has some presence in the F1 circuit. Right?

  9. nosewheel says:

    well, well, well, another failure for flop india. apart from his beer, nothing this man seems to touch works……..maybe he should really just take a back seat and let experts take over….a prime example of “I have the money so it will work”, even if I have to sack everyone in sight. From the airline, cricket to the F1, the man has lost control. Force India, a team india should justifiably be un-proud of…

  10. AMAN KOHLI says:

    All indians should be proud as you have to
    start somewhere. Teams like Force India are
    the future of F1 and we want more teams to

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