Symonds, Gilly, Gibbs for Hyderabad – a coup

andrew symonds

adam gilchrist

I cant believe my eyes. Andrew Symonds, Adam Gilchrist, Herschelle Gibbs, Shahid Afridi & Scott Styris for Hyderabad? Faced against real biggies, am amazed at how Deccan Chronicle managed to pull off a coup.


Whoopie. 3 cheers to the Deccan Chronicle Hyderabad team. Honestly, i had no hopes for Hyderabad when pitted against Mukesh Ambani, Vijay Mallya, Priety Zinta, India Cements and Shah Rukh Khan. But this is simply an amazing haul.

scott styris

shahid afridi

Above pictures courtesy: Cricinfo



  1. richard says:

    WHO is going to beat this team with Gilly and Gibbs opening? It looks like Hyderbad were pulling the G-STRINGS

  2. iBO says:

    the leather ball will be flying all over the stadium…. rather outside the stadium 🙂

  3. wanderer7 says:

    superstars of cricket … I can’t wait for this tournament to begin.

    it’ll be the best thing since the 2003 world cup.

    go the aussie players!

  4. Ottayan says:

    The bowling seems thin on the ground.

  5. Liju Philip says:

    Vass, Zoysa, RP Singh, Styris, Symonds and Afridi would bowl.

    Anyway 20-20 is more of a “wham bam thank you maam” kinda game 😉

  6. Liju Philip says:

    @IBO – am also looking for a real leather hunt by the Hyderabadis.

    @Wanderer – cant wait…cant wait… the feeling is same.

  7. Liju Philip says:

    @Richard, the opening could be Gilly-Gibbs or even Gilly-Afridi.

  8. JB says:

    Out of interested, do the supporters of each franchise care who wins? Is the Indian passion for their internatioanal side going to be applicable for this competition?

    Hyderabad seem to have the best batting lineup in the comp.

  9. Liju Philip says:

    @JB, it would be interesting to see if an Indian spectator would be able to keep his patriotism aside for a while and cheer when Symonds hits Bhajji out of the stadium.

    As a person hailing from Hyderabad, i think i will cheer Symonds against Bhajji…. hahaha

    But am not sure of others though.

  10. lazybug says:

    The best thing about having Symonds is that now we can call him Monkey and he won’t say a word. Cheers to that.

  11. Liju Philip says:

    @Akhil, hahaha…. it would be interesting to see how such an issue would be tackled.

  12. IPL Blogger says:

    IPL is going to be a big success in a country like india. It would gradually be interesting for other countries as their top batsmen can play in IPL. important is the money flowing over IPL.

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