Comments Policy

As the number of hits that this blog registers increases, and as the number of issues that i write upon lean towards being controversial. I believe its time that there is a formal comment policy for this blog.

The spam comments have decreased (courtesy some great work by WordPress spam control), but the number of abusive messages just seems to increase.

Comments Policy

1. You are free to agree / disagree with my posts and the people who comment on this blog. You are free to air your views on any of the posts.

2. Any messages that are abusive towards anyone (either the owner of this blog or any commenter) will be ruthlessly deleted. Argue and put forth your comments in a civilized way and it will be posted.

3. Your IP address can be tracked and will be passed on to the relevant law enforcement authorities in case the abuse doesn’t end.

4. No attack on anyone’s religion, region, caste, creed, colour, sex, sexual orientation, political or otherwise beliefs will be tolerated. Such messages will be deleted without any due consideration.

5. I reserve the final rights to any comment. If you disagree with my comments policy, you are free to write your grievances at your own blog. Since this is my blog, my decision is final. No explanations will be given.

6. I wont enable the comment moderation option unless the post is very controversial.

7. The comments policy will be reviewed from time to time and changes incorporated within.

I have put up this comment policy as a separate page and will put a link to this page at the end of every post of mine.