Marc Faber’s words of wisdom

marc faber

Marc Faber has a go at the Fed and Ben Bernanke. Though he is not terribly optimistic of the Indian markets either.

That in general leads to lower asset prices although the Fed is doing its best to essentially create money, to print money which is the cause of the problem in the first place.

But the Fed is out of its mind, they try to solve the problems with money which created the problems in the first place. I think the private sector is essentially tightening lending standards and reducing risk appetite and that leads to essentially lower markets.

If you have a money printer like Mr Bernanke at the Fed, who really doesn’t understand anything about economics, who essentially just prints money whenever there is a problem, of course that lowers the value of paper money against say money that can’t be multiplied as easily.

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  1. rambodoc says:

    I read this, and fully agree with his assessment of the Fed. This is what the Fed has always been doing.
    I was shocked, though, to hear him say that he expects the Sensex to tank down to 10-12K levels.
    Would be a disaster for all of us! Everyone else is now expecting a rise to 5500 levels on the Nifty, it seems. Mood changes very quickly, and the current mood may be more upbeat than warranted.

  2. Liju Philip says:

    Marc Faber is well known for his depressing view of every economy. And he has always been of the view that the Indian market was on a bit of hype. But 10-12k level for the Sensex looks a bit far fetched.

    After the budget, the market will slowly inch its way up.

  3. Dsylexic says:

    LOL Lijjat papad philip -can you now say who is right ?.
    Marc Faber is not nuts, he is just smarter than most people. He was gungho on Asia in 2001-2002 . Were you?..!! with sensex at 3500?!

    Well now he is gungho on gold.something to learn eh

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