Sea-based nuclear-capable missile K-15 test fired

*** A detailed report in India Today regarding the top secret undersea weapon “Sagarika aka K-15”, that was tested today, makes for an interesting read.


India conducted its first test of a nuclear-capable missile from an undersea platform on Tuesday, completing its goal of having air, land and sea ballistic systems, the defence ministry said.

The launch from a submerged pontoon took place off India’s southeast coast near the port city of Visakhapatnam around 1:00 pm (0730 GMT), a defence ministry spokesman said.

India’s nuclear submarine is expected to be be ready for sea trials by 2009, the Indian navy has said.

After conducting nuclear tests in May 1998, New Delhi announced a doctrine which stressed the development of air, land and sea ballistic capabilities to enhance its nuclear deterrence.

With the latest test, India joins an elite group — the United States, Russia, France and China — that has such ability.

The test comes two months after India’s chief military scientist M. Natarajan said New Delhi would test a ballistic missile with a range of 6,000 kilometres in 2008.

Full article here.

Above picture of a Poseidon submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM).


  1. arvind says:

    its always good to know indians advancing in war fare. hope US dont cry for these small things 😛

  2. lazybug says:

    that’s a truly remarkable achievement. But surprise surprise, no crying foul from the Paki side!

  3. Liju Philip says:

    @ Arvind the US doesnt bother much these days. They want to capture a significant share of India’s defence expenditure pegged at almost 100 billion USD in the next 10 years or so.

    @Akhil, the Paki side is crying foul already. They say it will lead to an escalation of arms race in the subcontinent. Yawn.

  4. arvind says:

    let them make a proper government first then they can talk about escalation in arms race

  5. alex dsouza says:

    its time to fuck the ass of pakistanis n there hidden god fathers sitting far in beijing, who plays double game by giving weapons to pakistan to destablise india, n same time increasing friendly cry tone with india… bastards chinese leaders… although chinese people r good but there leaders …..huhhh

  6. matt says:

    powerfull missile

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