Weekend Music – Rozana (Nishabd)

No matter what the critics said, i absolutely loved Nishabd. Give me a movie on human relations any day than some sci-fi stuff. And this song is a favorite of mine. Though i cant seem to find the full song on youtube.

Maybe the execution was a bit faulty, but you cant discount the guts Ram Gopal Varma took with making the movie about the love story between a 60 year old man and a 18 year old girl (his daughter’s friend). Considering the fact that there are enough morons who take exception to anything that is being made today. The movie was supposed to be based on a famous book, Lolita. But, RGV as usual denied always.  I wish to read that book if i can lay my hands on it sometime.

The beauty of the tea gardens of Munnar superbly captured by the drifting mode of cinematography, Amitabh and the never ending legs of Jiah Khan. There was enough to ogle in the movie.