New Hyderabad Airport commences operations

After the last minute postponement, the new Hyderabad airport opened on Sunday midnight to the usual messy opening. First people complained that the old airport was bursting at its seams and that the facilities were inadequate. And when the new airport opened, they just changed the complaints that the new airport is far off from the city and that the approach roads are jammed and stuff. The public in general is an ass. That’s why even though am a great believer in democracy, Iam not really thrilled at the result that our democracy throws up. A great example is the kind of politicians we elect to power and the kind of actors we idolise and the kind of movies that are made. In India, every Tom Dick and Harry has an opinion on just anything on this earth.

new hyd airport

Its like the comments they pass on Sachin Tendulkar’s batting and the tips that they like to give him while reclining on the couch at the living room. These are the same people who have never even played gully cricket.

Given a chance, people in India would love to have an airport in the middle of the city. No matter the air, sound pollution but also the risks involved in aeroplanes landing and taking over just above their homes.

To cut the long story short, here are some pictures of the new airport. Iam really looking forward to fly into the airport. Never mind the 2 hrs that i would need to travel to and from the airport from my home.

new hyd airport1

Above pictures are courtesy Jason . The guy has got some fabulous pictures of the new airport out there at his picasa collection. Do check them out and his comments on the new airport.



  1. Everything is picture perfect, except the name of the airport. It stinks of Dynasty 😆

  2. avinash says:

    In India, every Tom Dick and Harry has an opinion on just anything on this earth.—
    Great quote buddy, but it seems to be borrowed or shall i say something and modified.
    I see a tom or may be a dick having his opinion in this report and i respect that my bro. CHEERS

  3. Liju Philip says:

    @Krishna, if the TDP was in power, it would have been named NTR airport. If BJP was in power, it would have been Advani or Vajpayee airport. If it was the commies, it would have been Stalin or Mao airport. Its just making the highest noise when you get a chance. Nothing dynastic about it.

    Politics is not easy. Or else Advani would never be raking up communal passions, the commies would never oppose the US and the Congress would never carry the Gandhi balls.

    @Avinash, to Indianise the comment, it could have been…

    “Every Tinu, Minu and Cheenu has an opnion” lol.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  4. dinsan says:

    Your dream Airport where u r going to land when u come home next time 🙂

  5. Liju, true, today everyone has an opinion on everything. Some downsides for democracy esp when you do not have leaders that you can look upto. 🙂

  6. Liju Philip says:

    @Dinsan, oh yeah man. am rubbing my hands in glee 🙂 More than anything am happy at a successful Public-Private-Partnership project. We need thousands of such projects to change the infrastructure in our country. Way to go Hyderabad.

    @Poonam, our leaders are well…. is there anything good to talk about anyone out there? Other than a Manmohan Singh or Abdul Kalam, is there anyone you can look up to? I don’t see anyone. The Indian political scene has truly become a playground of scoundrels.

  7. Murali says:


    I guess you can safely remove Manmohan Singh from that list, he is a good finance professor and a honest guy, but by no means is he a leader. We need a leader who can inspire the masses, and abdul kalam yes to an extent, but i wish he had contested again for the president’s post, so the bottom line is we have none left. It is us from this young generation that need to fill that vacuum. and until someone from us emerges, we have to be content with the best among the worse, in terms of infrastructure (if that is the only parameter), i will rate BJP much higher, they gave us more roads in 5 yrs than congress in 50 yrs (again as i said if thats the only parameter)

  8. David says:

    When I landed in Hyderabad, I was surprised. what a great place.
    people to help.
    beautiful .. huge parking place-
    great interiors, pictures and posters that express local culture.. how nice.. excellent travel quotes, graphics, nice photos with some instantlt likeable cross look wow, good place to eat, shop.. Indian’s should learn to appreciate good things.

  9. Ram says:

    Why name it as NTR International Airport or Rajiv Gandhi International Airport? Why not Hyderabad International Airport?

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