1. idlidosa says:

    ahh…so this is how Mohit Chauhan (the singer) started his career. He’s the one who sang ‘tumse hi’ from the movie jab we met. I knew I saw him before 🙂

    there’s this other song called ‘tere bin’ from the same album (rabbi’s). it’s completely in punjabi and i dont understand most of it…but the song grows on u. apparently, he wrote the song when his fiancee died and has dedicated it to her…do listen to it and lemme knw if u like it 🙂

  2. Amit says:

    Somehow I like “tere bin” much more than “Bulla”. It has a beautiful feel good freshness to it. And yes…Dooba Dooba is another favourite.

  3. Liju Philip says:

    @Ramya, thats news for me. I didnt know that the guy was mohit chauhan. Yup ‘tere bin’ is also a personal favourite. But didnt know the history behind it. Thanks for the info. Btw, the best songs always come from a broken heart.

    @Amit, yup i love that song too. Also am looking for the song by Rabbi on Delhi. Its also from the same movie “Delhi heights”. Cant seem to find it on youtube.

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