Symonds’ fastest hundred in vain

Its 3 down for the Deccan Chargers already. Not sure if they will be able to even reach the semi finals. The Chargers are likely to lose out on a few good players towards the end of the season as they go back to serve their respective countries.

Still cant believe, what makes Laxman think that he is fit for T20 kind of matches. I have huge respect for him, but honestly, i rather see him bat down the order like Dhoni does for the Chennai Super Kings. My ideal batting line up would be

RP Singh
and the rest

Since every bowler is gonna get a pasting, the Deccan Chargers rather have more part time spinners like Afridi, Symonds, Gibbs who can push through the 20 overs fast. And when they bat, give hell to the opposition bowlers. Hope some miracle happens now and the DC win the rest of the matches.



  1. Amit says:

    I was for the Rajasthan Royals, so I didn’t feel that bad. 🙂 But still, they do deserve a decent win atleast. Its a good team. Hope they soon reach a tipping point. 🙂

  2. Chintam says:

    Nothing to take away from Yadav who scored a 9 ball 16, but otherwise it was a shame that Symonds didn’t get a chance to face any of the last over. Another 6 or more runs of that last over could have helped in DC’ cause, unless Warne thinks differently and was going to hit the only remaining ball for a 6 anyway. Great stuff!!

    I like your batting order particualrly sending our VVS down the order. But where is Gibbs? He was not in the final 11. Yet to join or what?

    Also like what you are saying about bowling as there has got to be some sort of strategy. But not like Mumbai the other day who used most of their team to bowl agaist Chennai.

  3. Liju Philip says:

    @Amit, Rajasthan Royals are turning out to be the joker of the pack. And Shane Warne is really leading by example.

    @Chintam, 10-15 more runs would have done the trick maybe. Gibbs is here after his national duties. But he could not be included as there is a 4 international players clause in each playing 11. But i would love to see him play. He is an explosive batsman, a terrific fielder and a good part time bowler who can chance his luck when the other bowlers are being smashed around.

  4. bubbleonfire says:

    Hyderabad isn’t gelling together. They look uncomfortable, frustrated and unmotivated. They will only go further down when Symonds and Gilchrist leave.

  5. Liju Philip says:

    @Bubble, Hyd finally has a win and Gilly has fired. Dont worry, we will only lose symonds. Gibbs is there to take up his place.

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