Manchester United are Champions :(

Chelsea lost. Shucks. Good that i didnt wake up to watch the match. It would have been terrible missing out on the sleep in the middle of the night and then see Chelsea lose in the penalty shoot out.

Better luck next time. Hope the team doesnt tear apart with the players leaving in the off season.

Pictures courtesy: Soccernet



  1. IdliDosa says:

    I saw the match! it was fantastic! i am not a great fan of football but man u vs chelsea was a bit too much for me to ignore 😀 At times, i wondered if it was a wrestling match going on out there…with atleast 3 guys bleeding. The penalty shootout was nerve-racking! How John Terry missed..I don’t know :O I will be updating my blog with this chk it out..

  2. Chittaranjan says:

    Yoohooo! Man U Win!!

    I watched every second of the match. And was distraught when Ronaldo missed his kick….but was pepped up again when Terry missed his and when Anelka’s kick was saved, I was shouting and clapping away!!!

    Yay again!!!

  3. Liju Philip says:

    @Ramya, lucky you. Saw pics of Scholes with a bloody face and i could guess that the match was more of a slug fest. I cant bring myself to even watch the goals on youtube. Sigh. Maybe over the weekend i will watch and mourn.

    @Chittaranjan, tum jale pe namak chidak rahe ho bhai… bwwaaaaa bwaaaaa ;(

  4. arvind says:

    i dont follow EPL but i remain biased towards manchester united 😉 strange but true ..

  5. Chintam says:

    I watched it and found it being slow(no buzz) until the crunch moments, may be that is part of their strategy. Footie in general can be boring as the score hardly changes(no goals scored, nil-nil tame draws sometimes) especially if the 2 teams are good in defending, but when ever a goal is scored, it is spectacular. May be it is worth watching for those moments.

    I like Cricket better(though considered slowww) as we can enjoy every ball bowled / shot played regardless of whether runs scored or not. It just may be an Indian speaking here, but i guess we could also enjoy even footie’s passing/dribbling and someone being very good on the ball, even when no goals scored.

  6. Quirky Indian says:

    Hey, you’re a Chelsea fan…well, I’m a ManU fan….so better luck next time.

  7. Chittaranjan says:

    @Liju: The highlights were being telecast today (I guess Ten Sports would do it for quite a while!) and relived the excitement all over again 😛

    I would have said ‘the better team won’ but in penalties, it all boiled down to luck. If Terry had scored, I would have been the one with the 😦 smiley and you with the 🙂 smiley!


  8. Liju Philip says:

    @Sachin 😦

    @Arvind, ah that’s indeed strange 😉

    @Chintam, true i never watch a repeat telecast of a football match. I might just watch the goals. That’s it. But i wont mind watching a 1 hour highlights of a cricket match. I believe cricket carries a lot more drama than football though.

    @Quirky Indian, yup hope the next year is lucky for us Chelski fans

    @Chittaranjan, we dont get 10 sports here in S’pore. I can find it on Sopcast, but am not so interested in watching the replay of a football match. I got a very limited attention span.

    If Drogba was not red carded, he would’ve taken the penalty instead of Terry. Nyway, better luck next time.

  9. tyler says:

    man u r shit and southend united beat the 1-0

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