Weekend music – KK

There’s something about this guy’s singing that gets me hooked. There are hardly any songs that he has sung that i have not liked. Private albums, film songs, you name it, he’s got the range to carry it off pretty well.

Aasman Ke

Yeh Kahan Mil Gaye Hum



  1. Quirky Indian says:

    And he’s really got better over time!

  2. Manpreet says:

    It didnt play on my compu,,,, whats wrong?
    Nor does any music play on my blog on my computer anymore…
    what do I do??

  3. Liju Philip says:

    @QI, very true

    @Manpreet, check your multimedia settings on y0ur machine. Can you play any other videos, mp3 files on your machine and listen to them?

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