Blog anniversary & Weekend movies

In the whole mess, i forgot something.  On 24th June 2008, i completed 4 years of blogging.  In this period, I moved from Fullhyderabad to Rediffblogs to WordPress.  Never thought i would survive so long.  So ya, iam amazed at my perseverance (if at all this does count).  I have no intentions of stopping even after marriage.  Am sure the married life will give me even more topics to write about.  Sure wifey wont mind me spilling all the ‘national secrets’ here.

Anyways, another weekend passed by and before i could realise, its monday. Lots of work to wind up before i leave for a 2 week holiday.  Yet to start packing, but then iam the same old lazy bum always.  End up packing at the last moment.  And then when i reach the destination, i realise that i forgot to carry something important.  Surely not passport or tickets, but something else important.

Watched another 3 movies this weekend.  An English, Telugu and Hindi movie.

Gamyam (Telugu)

A refreshing movie instead of the regular crap doled out by the telugu industry.  The son of a rich industrialist, Sharwanand, heartbroken after his girlfriend (Kamalini Mukherjee) walks out on him, sets out on her search. In the process meets up with a petty thief (Naresh).  The story is about how the two guys influence each other during the search and how their mindsets change as the story progresses.  Chased by the police, naxalites and shot in some of the most green, beautiful and mostly rural places of AP, the movie is indeed refreshing.  Its a complete road movie and very well picturised.  A commendable effort by debutant director RadhaKrishna.

My rating **** (4/5)

The Untouchables

Well, what more can i say about this movie? Its a classic and stars one of my most favourite actors, Robert de Niro.  That one reason is enough for me to watch it. Though am not a great fan of Brian de Palma, i believe his movies are excruciatingly slow and painful to watch.  But i was surprised by this well paced thriller about a federal agent (Kevin Costner) who builds his gang of untouchables (Andy Garcia, Sean Connery and another guy) to take on the mob leader, Al Capone (Robert de Niro).

My rating: **** (4/5)

Summer 2007

The movie has a superb plot.  Its about the farmer’s suicides in Vidharbha region of Maharashtra.  A group of medical students on a rural project get embroiled in the politics of the village leading to disastrous consequences.  Had the director roped in some competent actors and a better script, this one could have been a better movie.  Instead he gets people like Sikandar Kher.  Man, he is an ape.  He is great competition to his buddy Abhi ‘Shake’ Bachchan when it comes to defining ‘butt ugly’.  Both equally pathetic actors.

My rating * (1/5)



  1. dinu says:

    Oooh 4 years of blogging ? that’s a great achievement buddy !!
    CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    happy bday dear blog

  2. Quirky Indian says:

    4 years? That’s great!

    I quite liked The Untouchables too.

  3. Manpreet says:

    4 years is impressive. Gotta check your other links too. They look impressive.
    What does Gamyam mean? Is it available in English subtitles? Sounds fun.

  4. IdliDosa says:


    I watched Gamyam online. Liked the you rightly said…it was different from all the usual plots 🙂

  5. Liju Philip says:

    @Dinu, QI, thanks 🙂

    @Manpreet, thanks. I think Gamyam means destination. The online version didnt have any english subs. Will let you know if i find any.

    @Ramya, thanks.

  6. Chittaranjan says:

    Chautha? I mean Chautha saalgiraah!!! Mubarak ho….

    Keep the crap coming… 😛

  7. Liju Philip says:

    @Chittaranjan, thank you. 😀

  8. Well, Congratulations for reaching anotehr landmark!

    I laughed when you said Sikander looked like ape. I recounted this to my colleagues too who giggled. 🙂

  9. Liju Philip says:

    @Poonam, thanks. Well, i just hope Sikandar doesnt cry racism at being called an ape 😉

  10. Sonia says:

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    ur collection of nice picture walpater and updat ing news of Film Revew

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