So many movies…so less time

So, the D-day is here. Will it be Imraan or Harman? Would be too busy this weekend or else would have wanted to catch Jaane Tu.  Or maybe i will watch it on my India trip. The songs of Jaane Tu are far better than Love Story 2050.  Bollywood doesnt have a great history when it comes to either sci-fi or even movies loaded with special effects.  So, i do believe that Love Story is on a sticky wicket here. Also Harman Harry Baweja is a past master of B-grade movies. Abbas Tyrewala, the director of Jaane Tu is a newbie. He’s a storywriter turned director. He’s on an equally weak wicket.

Schools and colleges across the country have opened and youngsters would be thronging at the theatres to catch both of them. Am sure the girls would be rooting for the chocolate faced Imraan.  Though i do find Harman to be a better actor going by the promos.

But one thing is for sure.  Both movies are going to open big. What would work in favour of Jaane Tu is its small budget.  And if Love Story doesn’t have a great opening and if the reviews come out bad, then Harry Baweja ka baand baj jayegaa.

And then, the baap of all movies is releasing on 17th July.  The bus stops in Singapore were plastered this morning with the poster of “The Dark Knight”.  Man, it just blew my mind.  Am a big Batman fan.  And i thought Batman Begins was probably the best in its class.  This is another movie i can hopefully catch in India.



  1. Chittaranjan says:

    Mebbe u can catch the Hindi Version of Batman in India!

    ‘Raat ja Sahenshah’ or something like that 😐

  2. Chittaranjan says:

    er… ‘Raat Ka Sahenshah’!

  3. Amit says:

    Oh Yes!!! I am also waiting for Batman. 😀
    And I wanted to see Jaane Tu but my mom wanted to see Love story 2050. So its LS 2050 this sunday. 😐

  4. Liju Philip says:

    @Chittaranjan, i have watched Speed and True Lies in hindi. Now beat that. While watching True lies, we were totally drunk and had a blast laughing at each and every scene in the movie.

    Btw, Raat Ka Raja, Kala Sikandar, Khooni Darinda, Pyaasi Jawani….oops i counted the wrong movies 😉

    @Amit, will wait to read ur reviews of LS2050.

  5. Manpreet says:

    I have a sympathetic view of dear Harman, Because he is a part name sake. See how unjudicious people can get while analysing. He he he, just kidding. It does sound better than the Jaane Tu…
    Friday decideth.

  6. I too want to watch Jaane..I guess I will watch it tomorrow. 🙂

  7. Quirky Indian says:

    I think Jaane….has got more hype than LS because of the Aamir factor. LS seems interesting as long as they don’t screw up the special effects. I will actually prefer watching LS to see how they have handled the special effects. What I have seen so far doesn’t seem so bad for an Indian film.

  8. @Quirky Indian: Here is Love Story review. Can it be any worse? What do you think?

  9. Here is what Amitabh Bachchan has written about Jaane Tu premiere:

  10. Quirky Indian says:

    @Poonam – that’s quite a fair review. However, I don’t expect any script/story/logic when I go to watch a Hindi film. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised, but mostly, it’s pretty much what I thought it would be. My interest in LS is more in the visual sense – have we finally created a look that seems good, or are we still stuck with cheap and shoddy visuals? So I guess I’ll still watch it. I know I’ll regret it, though.

    Not sure about Jaane….some professional reviewer whose integrity I suspect has said it’s a good film. Going by his earlier recommendations, I’ll skip Jaane…unless I really have nothing to do.


  11. True, we have to take reviews with pinch of salt. We may not agree every time. And I understand what you say about LS. If I am keen on watching a movie, no matter how bad you tell me I will watch it. I have to find out for myself how bad it is. So I understand.

    As for look in LS, I was reading blogs they were most disappointed with looks. It was not as futuristic it seems. 😉 Yet perhaps there are graphics to be watched for..

  12. Liju Philip says:

    Rediff has 2 reviews each for LS2050 and Jaane Tu. Both reviews for Jaane Tu say the movie is pretty good and both the reviews for LS2050 have bashed the movie badly.

    I would love to watch Rajeev Masand’s take on both the movies tonight on CNN-IBN. Anyway, Jaane Tu is definitely a must watch for me as its an Aamir Khan production. As for Harry Baweja, well he’s someone who has given us turkeys like Dilwale, Diljale, Qayamat etc. I dont have any great hopes on him.

    But every reviewer is unanimous that the special effects are pretty good.

  13. Quirky Indian says:

    Liju, that’s what I hope to see!

  14. I too rely on Rajiv Masand a lot. 🙂 I usually agree with him.

  15. I too rely on Rajiv Masand a lot. 🙂 I usually agree with him.

  16. Aravind says:

    Btw, just an FYI, “Rooting”, is ‘strayan (australian) slang for sex. Dark Knight should be interesting.

  17. IdliDosa says:

    I am soo sure that 2050 will be a biggest DUD of this year that if I ain’t right…I promise not to watch any more movies this year…english, hindi and even bhojpuri 😉 On the other hand, JTYJN looks refereshing with some wonderful music.

  18. prityjaiswal says:

    JTYJN does have some good songs. waiting for “public review” on the movie

  19. trailers tell me that will be movingly… 🙂

  20. Chittaranjan says:

    “But every reviewer is unanimous that the special effects are pretty good.”

    Thats darned odd! Most Reviews I read said they were tacky, poorly-made and not A1!

    Harman was the only good thing abt LS2050 they say 😐

  21. Liju Philip says:

    @Poonam, Masand was also very critical of LS2050 too. And also the opening weekend results clearly show that LS has opened very weak with Jaane Tu opening to almost 90-100% occupancy.

    @Aravind, ah, thanks for the clarification. Will be more careful when i use the word next time 😉

    @Ramya, your predictions have come true. LS is indeed a dud.

    @Prity, yup the songs are pretty good.

    @Dejan 🙂

    @Chittaranjan, for Indian movies, the special effects look pretty ok. Everyone believes that Harman is a poor copy of Hrithik though.

  22. lazybug says:

    I think you can Love Story 2050 a neat slip…waste of time it’ll be. Has Hancock released in S’pore?

  23. Liju Philip says:

    Hancock released here, but no great reviews about the movie. Anyway, am not a great Will Smith fan. Btw, the new Bond movie’s promos are out and they look fabulous.

  24. lazybug says:

    Hancock releases here this week. Will watch it for the comedy track…Quantum of Solace looks awesome.

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