The 90s

The early 90s were the time when Gulshan Kumar and his T-Series ruled the roost.  There used to be some very tackily made movies starring newbies but with some great music.  You cringe when you see the video today, but just listen to the music and you know what i mean.

Mohabbat, Inayat, Karam – Bahaar Aane Tak (1991)

Bin Tere Sanam – Yaara Dildara (1991)



  1. Manpreet says:

    So many memories with these songs…not with the videos though.
    Memories of wanting to see krishan kumar and gulshan kumar being hit with a tornado, he he he.

  2. Chittaranjan says:

    I guess ‘Bin tere sanam’ became more popular after the Remix came along 😛

    P.S: Two ‘with’s in between ‘newbies’ and ‘some great music’

  3. Liju Philip says:

    @Manpreet, those days everyone wanted to strangle Glushan Kumar. Not because of the music and the movies he churned out but simply because he wanted to impose his dear brother on to us 😉

    @Chittaranjan, i watched the remix recently. Believe it stars Aryan Vaid rite. Man, he’s another hell of an actor. A perfect competition to the almighty Krishan Kumar 😀

  4. Chittaranjan says:

    Ehhhhhe. Yep, its Aryan Vaid alright.

    See him as Duryodhan in ‘Mahabharat’ on NDTV Imagine (?). A block of wood might have more expressions 😛

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