Pankaj Advani decimates Geet Sethi for the World Billiards crown

Its so rare to see a sport where Indians simply reign supreme.  All the 4 semi-final spots were Indians 😀

It turned into a mid-afternoon coup. The Crown Prince usurped the throne from the King. On this ‘Teacher’s Day’ an accomplished student — Pankaj Advani — stood up to salute the packed hall at the KSBA after his 6-1 annihilation of Geet Sethi, an eight-time winner of world billiards, in the best of 11 frames final of the ONGC IBSF World billiards championship.

“This fifth World title to me is special. Though it’s just a year ago that I won the fourth at Singapore, this felt like a long time coming. And it came in the place I grew up playing the sport and in front of my home crowd,” said an elated Advani.

At 23, Advani has already amassed five world and two Asian billiards titles besides an Asian Games gold. On Friday he added his latest title, a comprehensive 150-90, 151-0, 150-24, 150-0, 86-150, 150-72, 150-12 victory over Sethi and $1,500 to go along with it.

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  1. Manpreet says:

    Thanks for bringin it to us thru ur blog.
    he is a promising player.

  2. Barry O Rourke says:

    Well it’s quite easy for India to dominate the IBSF event in 2008 the bombings in and around Bangalore made it impossible for the International contingent to compete, so for all the talent Advani has he is not THE best billiards player in the world, not by a long shot, Australian Matthew Bolton had little trouble defeating him and would certainly have done so again had the Australien team been in the competition, so let’s keep the accolades in check a little, Advani was beaten easily also in the few Professional tournamants he entered in Europe, it is one thing to win in India when your agent is also the sponsor of the event and quite another to win elsewhere, as it stands Advani would need a hefty start to have any chance against Mike Russell, the only dicipline India leads in is cheating.

  3. Liju Philip says:

    @Barry, thanks for being a sissy and staying at home 😉 You sound like the fox that found that grapes sour…. hahahaha

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