Ghajini Promo

Aamir Khan is back… and how.  The trailer of the much anticipated Murugadoss directed, Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini is out. And by the looks of it, looks like a super violent movie.

Is it a 6 pack or the very elusive 8 pack? Lets wait for the verdit to happen, but boy am sooooper excited.  Cant wait for the music to release. The tamil version had some terrific foot tapping music by Harris Jayaraj and a muscular Surya to boot. Honestly, i was not impressed by the Tamil version. Especially the climax which i though was a letdown.  But with Mr Perfectionist, Aamir in the lead, am waiting with bated breath.

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  1. Manpreet says:

    6 pack, 8 pack,
    10 pack, 12 pack,
    by god ki kasam, yeh log kya karte ji

  2. Yep. With Amir Khan in the lead, I’m sure it’s going to be a great movie. However, it merits mentioning here that, no matter how many times Amir denies it, Ghajini is a remake of Memento, a movie by director Christopher Nolan. Memento really was an awesome movie. Even Amir is going to find it hard to stand up to Memento, and I’ll be surprised if he does.

  3. Chittaranjan says:

    ‘Pack-up’ was the most liked word in Bollywood they used tos ay…now it seems its ‘pack’em up’ 😛

    There’s another pic with Aamir looking straight ahead and the wording on the chest clearly visible – “Kalpana was Killed”. I heard the characters’ names are same even in the Hindi version – Kalpana and Sanjay Ramasamy 😐

    The Tamil Ghajini was good….its my second-fav Tamil movie after Kaakha Kaakha. The double-role-d-villain was a bit over-the-top methought.

  4. dinu says:

    I am waiting for the music release … not the movie 😛 🙂

  5. I like Amir Khan’s interesting hair styles more than any number of packs 🙂 He has some creative tattoos also now….
    Happy Diwali!

  6. Amit says:

    Have you seen Memento??
    I think it would be a distorted version. I can’t imagine the story with songs. 😐

  7. Liju Philip says:

    @Manpreet, all the packs need a lot of hard work. I have been trying for the past 2 yrs for a 6 pack. Heck, I cant even flatten my tummy. It needs real back breaking hardwork and dedication.

    @Krishna, Ghajini is a poor man’s Memento. 😉

    @Chittaranjan, it looks like a frame by frame remake of the Tamil movie.

    @Dinu, me too. Especially since the soundtrack is by Rahman.

    @Homemaker, yup i love the way he plays with his hairstyle. Thanks for the Diwali wishes. Wishing you the same.

    @Amit, i missed Momento. Am looking for the CD at the lib. Anyway, Ghajini is no competition to Memento. Its an Indianised version of Memento. And Murugadoss, the director is no great shakes. He makes typical tamil potboilers.

  8. soham shah says:

    U just cant make Memento in Bollywood .. For that u need super class and super talent and I ‘m sure that indian directors lack both ..
    I dont doubt our creativeness but a movie like memento is not our cup of tea !!

  9. akhilesh says:

    i m waiing 4 dis movie. i think dis would be aamir khan’s best movie ever. guys check dis out. this movie is going to break the record of ddlj

  10. Chirag says:

    Will it be fun though if you have already seen Memento? I mean we know the story already 😦

  11. lazybug says:

    Looks like a full masala flick. BTW, I saw Aamir Khan while he shot for the film near my home, he did not look so muscular. 😐

    Any idea what Ghajini mean?

  12. Liju Philip says:

    @Soham, a movie like Memento requires a lot of thinking which mostly the indian audience doesnt appreciate. That’s why this indianised version with songs.

    @Akhilesh 🙂

    @Chirag, go ahead and watch Memento if you havent watched. Both the movies are different anyway.

    @Akhil, Aamir built up the body only recently after he had that haircut. I believe the Ghajini points to Mohd Ghajini, the invader who tried to invade India 17 times and then succeeded. I think the director mentioned this point sometime earlier in his interview during the tamil version.

  13. Lazybug says:

    Liju: Some of the final fight scenes of the movie were shot near my home (the bylanes of Sultan Bazaar)…I saw him rather upclose, but was not allowed to photograph him. While he looked fit and fine then, he looks insanely muscular here. Btw, the haircut was the same :p.

  14. Liju Philip says:

    Hmm….photoshop maybe or is Aamir on steroids ??? 😉

  15. Chittaranjan says:

    @Lazybug: When was the shoot? AFAIR, he was injured midway through the shoot and hence had to lay off pumping iron. And since the photoshoot was in mid-oct, mebbe he started working out again!

    BTW, I saw two ‘dudes’ the other day with the same hair-scar-style…looked rubbish on them tho 😀

  16. Lazybug says:

    @Ycee: Yes he was injured midway, but came back after 10 days to finish the shoot. The shoot happened around June…

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  18. Vanathy says:

    geez i sick of hearing that ghajini is a copy of momento
    its not, it uses some elements but the story is completely different

  19. Visakh says:

    Photoshop or steriodr , aamir is dedicated to his movies. At any cost he will make them the best.

  20. s.ashik says:

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  21. s.ashik says:

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