2 must reads

26 things to do to strengthen internal security

A comprehensive look into the procedures to be followed to enhance internal security.  The writer, B Raman worked for Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW).  He also emphaises on weeding out all the illegal Bangladeshis and Pakistanis and expelling them from the country.

Angst of the elite: The new anti-terror weapon?

Gaurav Kalra nails it on the head that how come the government never responded to all the bomb attacks but finally seems to take the terrorism angle seriously after the jehadis hit the places frequented by the rich and the famous.  He questions Shobha De’s sudden discovery of the threat of terrorism in the hard hitting article.

Both must reads.


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  1. guessworker says:

    Thanks for sharing these.

    Here’s an article about Taj Mahal’s state after the attacks.


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