December 3, 6pm, Taj Mahal Hotel – Protest

Today (Wednesday December 3) at 6pm, there is a protest organised at the Taj Mahal hotel in Bombay against the ineffective politicians and the games they play.   At the same time, protests are being organised at these places

New Delhi – Connaught Place

Bangalore – Cubbon Park

Hyderabad – Tank Bund

Read Suparn Varma’s call for protest.  Be there. Do your bit.



  1. Soham says:

    I have difference of opinion here …

    I do not blame politicians entirely for this attack .. As per my knowledge, RAW and IB had already conveyed to the Maharashtra Government that terririst might take sea-route to enter mumbai .. Maharashtra officials conveyed it to Navy which protects the sea-border .. One of the navy officers even checked the boat by which terrorists entered the city but as they had proper papers in place, he allowed them to go ahead ..

    Now tell me, where is the fault of politician here?? .. Ofcourse, they are responsible for our safety but their job is to decide policies and give orders .. They are not gonnna stand on the border with guns to protect .. If everybody would hv performed their duties well then we could hv avoided the attacks .. but politicians are not at all entirely responsible for this awful incident .. This is what I think .. I may be wrong but please guide me what we all can do to protect our motherland and to protest against the officials?? .. STanding in front of gateway of India with burning candles is not gonna help ..

  2. abhilasha says:

    Sir,I would like to come to CP in new delhi and add my voice to the nation’s.Could you please give me the details of the march?where exactly in CP?I stay in S-W Delhi.thank you.

  3. Liju Philip says:

    @Soham, read the manifesto of the protest meet in my next post detailing the steps being planned.

    @Abhilasha, am really sorry iam of no help in letting you know the actual location of the protest at Delhi. You may mail or follow him at for more details

  4. Liju Philip says:

    @Abhilasha, Delhi’s meet is at India Gate.

  5. Leader of any team, is the one who gets the blame for any such wrong doing. Our politicians have ruined the system which is supposed to work like well oiled machine. There are deep rooted things, which are beyond common man’s comprehension, which bargain our safety. These politicians have such selfish motives that you will be shocked beyond what you can take.

    I agree with you that burning candles in front of the Gateway of India, will help no one. These were the gimmicks of our selfish media, who likes to make money of the dead. Remember, one of the defense ministers of India, was embroiled in a scam where he was accused of making money from the coffin deal, these coffins for the soldiers who died in Kargil. So, now you know about these stinking pigs, what they can do to you.

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