Manifesto of protest meet – 3 December 6pm IST

Given below is a copy of the manifesto of the protest being organised at Gateway of India, Bombay by concerned citizens of our country.  A simultaneous protest is also being organised at Tank Bund – Hyderabad, Connaught Place – New Delhi and Cubbon Park – Bangalore.

This protest will be held every Wednesday starting today and will snowball into all the cities of India.  Every Wednesday henceforth will be known as “Day of National Shame”.  If you agree with the manifesto and if you can make it to the protest meet, BE THERE.  Or do your bit by spreading the word through emails, blogs etc.

—————————- Start of Manifesto——————————————

WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA have had enough.

  • Enough of terrorist attacks that threaten our lives and that of our loved ones and rip apart the fabric of our cities and our society
  • Enough of politicians of all parties who fiddle while terrorists burn, then seek to appease our anger with platitudes and pointless ‘resignations’
  • Enough of excuses from prime ministers and accusations from wannabe prime ministers
  • Enough of the empty rhetoric of governments that promise action but give us only inquiry commissions
  • Enough of the callous unconcern of the political class that has resulted in this country we love being subjected to constant attacks from external forces.
  • We have left this country in your hands for all these years, hoping that you will do what we elected you to do. You have failed us – miserably, and on every front.

We have had enough. And we are, from this moment on, taking the country back into our own hands.


That all political parties in India at the state and central level abandon their narrow concerns and come together immediately to formulate, and announce, a consensual national policy on the subject of internal security; we demand further that all parties pledge to uphold this national policy irrespective of who is in power.

We demand that the government of India, with the backing of all political parties, immediately announce the launching of a zero-tolerance war against terrorism, internal and external. In this connection we demand that you immediately and publicly lay on the table all evidence relating to Pakistan’s involvement in these continued attacks on Indian soil. We further demand that you employ the full force of diplomacy to bring the nations of the world into a unified front to support any and all appropriate action that needs to be taken on the basis of evidence available. We pledge that we will boycott the goods of any country that refuses to side with India in the lawful defense of the integrity of its territory and the lives of its citizens.

We demand the creation of one central agency to handle all intelligence gathering and processing activities, in order to fix both responsibility and accountability.

We demand the immediate creation of NSG units in all metropolitan and A category cities’

We demand that the NSG and the police force be provided with state of the art protective gear, equipment, dedicated aircrafts, artillery, arms, ammunition and all else that is required, in the judgment of security experts, to defend our lives and to combat terrorism.

We demand the immediate adoption and implementation of police reforms as and ordered by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. We demand that control of the police force be taken away from the political class, and that the police be made accountable to law, and to no other power. We further demand that the pay scales of our police and paramilitary forces be immediately raised in order that they may serve the cause of law and order without financial worry

We demand that the political process, the bureaucracy, the police and judiciary be made transparent, responsible, and accountable to the citizens of India through a complete overhaul of the existing process.

We demand the immediate strengthening of our borders by land and by sea. WE ASK that the government and leaders of all political parties give us an immediate assurance that these demands will be fulfilled in the soonest possible time frame.

We pledge that if our demands are not met, we will from this moment on not cast our votes in a single election, at the state or national level. Instead, we will use the provisions of Section 49-O of the People’s Representation Act [I am not sure of this, pl check] to its utmost. We will go to the polling booth, and register ourselves as not voting, thus forcing the countermanding of the election and the dismissal of the candidates. We pledge to do this until our concerns are addressed.

Secondly, we pledge that until our demands are met, we will not pay our taxes.

We are law abiding citizens, however, and hence we will deposit our taxes in a fund to be called the “COUNTER TERRORISM ACTION FUND”, maintained with one of the Nationalised Banks.

These funds will be made available to you when our above demands have been met – but not before.

If you believe in the settlements expressed, please sign the declaration herein below and mail it to P.O. Box. No. _____. Alternatively, log on to http://www.___________ where a version of this declaration exists and add your name to it. And join the “NO CONFIDENCE” movement.

If millions of citizens join this movement by signing this pledge, our message will be unmistakable and will surely be a wake up call for the entire political class forcing them to be responsible and accountable to every citizen and to Act now rather than indulge in rhetoric or play petty politics.




  1. I watched it all on TV, the 49-O has actually become a symbol for demand for Electoral reforms, we need to demand that we have the right to vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE, which is actually a Neutral Vote. If the candidates get enough neutral votes they cannot stand for elections again, which means fresh, clean candidates get a chance to serve the nation.
    Other reforms include, not letting any politicians with criminal records to stand for elections, declaration of assets etc.
    My next post is about this.

  2. Usha says:

    Thank you!

    This gives hope.

  3. Philip,

    I respect you, but I must say that this whole campaign asking people not to vote is flawed. Rule 49-O has no provisions for a re-poll. Besides, when you cast a negative vote, all the officers in the polling booth come to know of it. You have to declare that you want to cast a negative vote. This goes against the very concept of “secret ballot”.

    So, by trying to convince people not to vote, you are actually killing democracy. You people should first campaign to get Rule 49-O amended. In its current form, it is useless. Most of the people who are going to participate in these rallies are upper-middle class folks who have never actively engaged in mainstream politics. The voting percentages in urban areas are proof enough of that. I wonder why all of them are suddenly awakening now. Is it because they have now realised that even their homes too are not safe anymore?

    By carrying out “Do Not Vote” campaigns, you are proving that you are no better than the Kashmiri separatists.

  4. Liju Philip says:

    @Krishna, maybe the manifesto is wrong, maybe my point of view is wrong, but honestly am sick and tired of all the killings. Its not time to think who is participating and who isnt in the protest. Its not a matter of who voted or not. We have consistently voted for assholes and got a similar govt.

    Its time we used th only weapon we had in our hands (our votes) to set things right.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. There is no right or wrong way as long as everything merges at the single goal.

  5. Chintam says:

    Alongside what has bee suggegsted and what is being demanded to clean the current system, I suggest a lateral approach, to nurture and bring about whole new generation of young (untouched) indians opting to take politics as their career. If we want to see that being changed, we want to be part of that. There should be some how Nationwide awareness among the parents of above average income to make commitment and choices for their able child(ren) to take politics as their career while the rest of average and below average can continue to work for earning their livelihoods.
    This is in simlar lines to the time of freedom struggle where Nehru/Gandhi etc from elite families made sacrifices with the help of common man following them, to achieve what we call independence.

    It doesn’t take ages to nurture the new generation entering politics, i can wait that long (20 yrs or so) and would hope to live to see the change. That is ONLY HOPE i’ve got. When they come as BIG force, these dirty politicians would, i’m sure, automatically get swept away. We have already lot of bright indians choosing to join IAS/IPS with a view to serving the Nation, all those should be aiming for the next level up. They are so bright that they can learn what ever necessary to bring them up to speed for becoming an able politician who are well equipped with knowledge and brains for making the right decisions at the right time, for the well being of the Nation.

  6. @ Philip

    I appreciate your concern. I did not for a moment doubt your intent. Even I am sick of these politicos. But, we need to understand how things can be changed. The rally that is being planned threatens that we will not vote if the demands are not met. Honestly, the politicians won’t even care. How many people will turn up for the rally? A few thousands at the most. This movement will eventually fizzle out.

    What the dim-wits who thought up this protest rally are suggesting is that we should bring about change by not participating in the system. That’s wrong. The whole system is rotten and the only way things are going to change is if we get involved in the system.

    I don’t know what exactly people will be doing in these protests, but there is a way that this rally can still be used to good effect. We need to form pressure groups. Groups which will use tools like the RTI to really get the civic officials and the politicians sweating. Many RTI activists are around, but they are mostly alone and they do not have the support they need in the event that they get harassed by the information officers. Pressure groups could work in such a scenario. These pressure groups can be formed during the protest rallies. I am sure many will sign up.

    As Chintam suggested, we also need to get involved in politics. Sure, starting a political party is way too difficult, but there are a few good ones out there already. One such political party is the one started by Arun Bhatia, a former IAS officer. The dude’s awesome. He was once posted as a Municipal Commissioner in Pune, and he started massive anti-encroachment drives. He was finally transferred because political pressure didn’t seem to work on him. We need leaders like him.

    His party is called the People’s Guardian Party, and you can visit its website here:

    This party is currently concentrating exclusively on Pune, but if many people start showing interest in it, I am sure they will expand it sooner. There may be more such political parties out there, but this is the only one I know well enough.

    There are many more ways to bring about change. I wish all those who will be attending these protest rallies good luck. Let’s hope something good comes out of it.

  7. wordjunkie says:

    Hi, just saw your blog. Have linked to yr post on the manifesto.

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