Pakistan on track to be named terrorist state?

As India cranks up the heat, pressure seems to be mounting on Pakistan in the past 72 hours trying to evade the multiple evidences and proof that Pakistan was responsible for the mayhem in Mumbai last week.  Meanwhile, Pakistan even tried to play a game of  hoax call from the external affairs minister of India, Pranab Mukherjee where he reportedly threatened Zardari.  All this just to deflect the pressure and try to play up other angles in a bid to wriggle out of the tight situation it is in. At the end, the call was found to be fake.  I wonder with the kind of communication systems the President of Pakistan uses, I can call up Zaradri tomorrow and say that i want to whip his ass and he might panic and set his armed forces on high alert.

Meanwhile, India has given the names of 3 people to Pakistan and asked them to be extradited.  Also has given Pakistan 48 hours to crack down on the Pakistani home grown terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Toiba.  The 3 people asked to be extradited are

Lieutenant General Hamid Gul – Ex ISI chief

Yusuf Muzammil – Lashkar-e-Toiba mastermind

Zaki ur Rahman Lakhvi – Lashkar-e-Toiba commander (also known with the following names – Zakir Rehman, Abu Waheed, Irshad Ahmad and Arshad Chachajee)

The Pakistani media tried to put a lot of spin around the Mumbai attacks by trying to point out to some yellow thread around the terrorist’s hands and stuff, but finally in face of mounting evidence and of the testimony of the lone captured terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab and his family in Pakistan, it seems time is running out for Pakistan.


No one is doubting Zardari and his government’s involvement in the Mumbai attack, but its a known fact that democratically elected government of Pakistan has no locus standi in their country.  The country is virtually ruled by the Pakistani army and their rogue intelligence agency ISI.  Maybe it was all done by the ISI and the Pakistani army without the kowledge of Zardari and his government.  Or maybe, even the plan was hatched and executed by some rogue element of the rogue Pakistani spy agency ISI.  Maybe the head of Pakistani Army and ISI had no inkling of what was happening, but the truth is that the Mumbai attacks were planned, trained, executed and guided by Pakistani nationals.

Zardari can cry hoarse at his innocence, and even if he will act against the  ISI or the Pakistani Army, he would be blown up in another car bomb attack just like his wife Benazir Bhutto was.   Benazir though was no innocent woman. She was responsible for cranking up the terrorism in Kashmir and gave a free hand to the Pakistani Army and their rogue intelligence agency, ISI to foment terrorism in Kashmir.  She ultimately paid for her deeds with her life.

headless-chickenIts precisely what Pakistan is facing today.  The frankenstein monster in the form of Taliban is hitting it from Afghanistan.  The home grown terrorists of Pakistan like Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jaish Mohammad etc are out of their hands.  They have created monsters on which they have no control.  Today Pakistan is like a headless chicken running around with nuclear weapons in its hands.  A perfect failed state with a rabid fundamentalist Islamic terror having taken root and spread its venom in the society.  Terrorists running amok.  Shia and Sunnis blowing each other up.  The Army and ISI behaving as a state within a state.  The PPP led government of Zardari has no say in the running of the country.

With a depleted FDI, no money in the bank for imports, Pakistan is a major headache not only for India, but for the whole world. Madeline Albright rightly called Pakistan a migraine for the whole world.

Its in such times that i envy countries like the US, Australia or the Europe for the kind of neighbours each one of them has.  Each one progressive, democratic, an army that stays in the barracks and not tries to govern, liberalism, freedom of speech, dynamic economies, people who are busy trying to make a better life for themselves and for others. And then look at the sub-continent.  We got nut cases in the form of Pakistan, Bangladesh who themselves have no future but find great happiness in troubling their neighbours.



  1. ekawaaz says:

    Normal Pakistanis are not our enemy, but fundamentalist Mullahs are, ISI yes, some of your leader’s yes, they are out to give all sort of support to Taliban’s, terrorist operating in Kashmir and in Afghanistan so that they can attack our country. Take my word these sorts of Mullahs, ISI and terrorist organization are enemies of Pakistan too. Your corrupt people and leader’s has a history of selling nuclear technology to rogue states (North Korea) and it is also fact that Pakistan is currently home of Taliban and many other deadly terrorist organization.

    So what we have said or our government has requested to Pakistan government is to better keep your promise this time and go along with our idea and world idea of wiping out the terrorist organization operating within your country and getting all support from your notorious spy agency ISI. Bombing and Killing innocents is not our motives, all we need either you take out crap created by your people or let other nation do this job if you are too cowards and can’t fight with these terrorist and chickens.

  2. JN says:

    Wow, This is what we call great Foreign Policy. We went and bombed Iraq without any proof of weapons of mass distruction or the fact that none of the terrorist that were involved in 9/11 had any connections with Iraq, But Indians should restrain themselves and not take unilateral action against Pakistan even though Pakistani involvement has been confirmed by international sources for the Mumbai attacks.

    Why should India not take unilateral action, and does the US govt. have any moral authority to say anything at all.

  3. JN says:

    There is a concept of Police power given inherently to governments to maintain peace and orderlines in their teritory, if a government is not able to police its teritory, it should give those areas up. An excuse of extra government involvement in terrorist attacks on Mumbai are absurd. The Pakistani govt is admitting that they are incapable of policing their own territory and therefore should let the country disintegrate into smaller territories that the government can police.

  4. Quirky Indian says:

    That hoax call was the strangest thing I have heard of in a while!

    No sure how anything will change, because the Pakistani Government has no authority to take any decisions.As you said, it doesn’t run the country. So what good will declaring it a terrorist state do?

    Quirky Indian

  5. Christy Bharath says:

    yeah spare a thought for Pakistan and Bangladesh for having racist idiots who forsake common sense and logic for hate propaganda like us for their neighbours

  6. amreekandesi says:

    The comparison with the US makes such an interesting study. They were able to go to war with Iraq knowing that geographically they were too far and too powerless to do the US any harm.

    People say that India should go to war with Pakistan, but given their missiles and nukes, and the fundamentalist forces controlling them, it is a very risky proposition.

  7. Liju Philip says:

    @QI, after declaring Pak a terrorist state, can squeeze all their aid and make them grovel on their knees 😉

    @Christy, why dont you then immigrate to Pak or Bang. Am sure they would be willing to train you in some jehadi factory and you can blow up. And then get a cut on the 72 virgins promised.

    @Amreekandesi, we dont need to go war with Pak when we can easily squeeze them economically.

  8. Christy Bharath says:

    sure, rather be there than here surrounded by politically vacant people who have an ennui only for hatred and who dont have the acumen to realize how irrelevant and inconsequential their stance is when faced against a government such as ours.

    I truly applaud your bravery in believing that you are being logical.

    Only if you can channel such optimism for constructive purposes.

  9. Liju Philip says:

    Hey Christy, Satish and all. Liju here. Sorry for all the lousy replies. I had shared my password with someone and they replied to all your posts.

    My apologies. I remove all the posts. Please feel free to post on the blog. That fellow had even blocked your IPs. I will check the settings and unblock them.

    Aplogies again. Cheers.

  10. Liju Philip says:

    Christy, Satish, i have removed your IPs from the block list. Pls go ahead and post. No badmouthing please.


  11. Christy Bharath says:

    You are a moron

  12. PakJunction says:

    @christy please mind your language

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