Lent and my vegetarian adventures

Its the starting day of Lent today (25th February).  Like last year, this year again i would like to go vegetarian for the next 40 days in the run up to Easter Sunday (12th April).  And yes, i would like to even stay away from eggs.

Today is celebrated as Ash Wednesday by the Roman Catholics. According to about.com, Ash Wednesday is described as

During Mass, the ashes which give Ash Wednesday its name are distributed. The ashes are made by burning the blessed palms that were distributed the previous year on Palm Sunday; many churches ask their parishioners to return any palms that they took home so that they can be burned.


For me, its nothing to do with the religious significance, but once in a while i like to test myself and see if i can stay away from something that is such an integral part of my food.  Its practically impossible for someone to find some good vegetarian food in Singapore unless one is cooking at home and packing lunch.

Singapore is a plce where even egg is considered vegetarian and vegetarian food means serving a few green leaves blanched in hot water. This would mean that i would need to start cooking from today onwards every night after going home.  Tough luck.  But no choice.  Let’s see how i can manage.  Btw, i have no intention of staying away from milk and other dairy products too.   I love my tea with milk in it.  There shall be no compromise on that front 😉

Meanwhile, i put up a ticker on the right side to remind myself of the number of days to go for the D-day (Easter Sunday)

Above cartoon from: Cartoon Church



  1. Chirag Chamoli says:

    Well, good vegetarian food is an oxymoron 🙂 and good luck with the practice.

  2. Chittaranjan says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian all my life (so I’d say 40 days is nothing compared to 25 yrs, but that’s beside the point) I think its a good way to test your willpower and try not to give-in to your baser self.

    All the best!

    P.S: I too am thinking of bringing self-cooked lunch to work. The canteen food sux!

  3. Varunavi says:

    Liju anything healthy is not wasty.But it is always good to eat veg.
    I tried eating veg but i was not able to stop myself after 1 month.
    U dont have indian veg hotels there in singapore??

  4. Varunavi says:

    sorry anything healthy is not tasty

  5. Poonam says:

    You will have to cook? Your wife went back? Poor you. 😛

    I agree when you say that veg food there must be ‘grass’ boiled in water, I detest it as I am a vegetarian, and I know what veg food entails.

  6. Quirky Indian says:

    That’s a real test of will-power. All the best!


    Quirky Indian

  7. Biju Mathews says:

    Best of luck! Even I’ve started veg, this year. The first time in my life 🙂

    Keep Blogging!

  8. Liju Philip says:

    @Chirag, hahaha…correct. Nothing tastes as good as meat 😉

    @YC, its easy for you cos you have been a veg all your life. They say, after tasting human blood a lion doesnt like to eat any other meat. Am in such a situation 😉

    @Sarita, i love veg food and given a chance, i would love to turn veg. There are a few veg restaurants around, but its not practical and cost effective to eat out there.

    @Poonam, kya karen. Am single again 😉 I love a very well cooked veg meal than a non-veg one. The challenge is to find such food.

    @QI, thanks.

    @Biju, all the best to you too 😀

  9. shaaakspsyco says:

    What’s with this chic, your avatar?
    Who is she?

  10. Liju Philip says:

    That’s Sonali Bendre. Forgot her? 😉

  11. gracelyne says:

    And today’s Palm Sunday (juz reminding)

    was bloghopping wen i found this cool blog of urs !

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