The knives are out

No sooner was the Indian team bundled out of the Twenty-20 World Cup after a defeat against England, morons in India have started burning effigies of Dhoni.

“Dhoni took the T20 world cup lightly. It seems Dhoni is more fascinated by glamour world instead of cricket,” said Shyama Kumar, one of the protesters.

This Shyama Kumar guy must be one of the loser kinds like the ones we see on our streets with nothing better to do than pick up fights with all and sundry.   Or must be one of the hired goons paid by the media who were being royally ignored by Dhoni and his team.

More of the WTFness here



  1. Vinod Sharma says:

    I think this was coming. Dhoni has been losing touch imperceptibly. His fearlessness in batting has gone. Plus I always thought that he was arrogant and usurping too much of power. May be this will give him the much needed knock.

  2. | Balu | says:

    I don’t think we should blame Dhoni.. will blog in detail later =)

  3. Mampi says:

    WELL Liju, what is new in this attitude of ours. If Sania loses, she is paying more attention to her jewellery and accessories, if Dhoni is the captain of a losing team, he is more interested in Glamour. Has anyone asked why our Hockey has suffered? Has anyone known any names of our players of the national game team? We all know how politicians have used it as a prostitute. Do we protest against it? Do we burn any effigies? We Indians are used to fighting for wrong causes.

  4. amit says:

    I don’t ever want to click on the “here”. I fear that I will yawn and fall asleep. 🙂

  5. Saritha says:

    It is sad that only dhoni is blamed 😦

  6. Liju Philip says:

    @Vinod, well the same arrogance of Dhoni was sometime ago celebrated as something that India needed desperately. Now that India loses a tournament and he becomes a devil?

    @Balu, but then according to our media, Dhoni is a one man Indian team. The rest 10 of them dont matter. Bhajji’s 2 wides that went for four byes or Yuvraj’s paunch and lazy fielding will never be questioned. All that will be questioned will be Dhoni’s decision to send Jadeja ahead of some of the untouchables.

    @Mampi, btw have you seen that the ones who complain and burn effigies are the ones who were the biggest fans of Dhoni and Sania earlier. I hate such fickle minded fans. The politician’s effigies wont be burnt cos the goons of the politician will burn these fellows tomorrow.

    @Amit, 😀

    @Saritha, of course cos he’s the easiest target. The same Shyama Kumar and his ilk will never go and fight against Raj Thackeray for the violence he perpetrates against the hapless. Dhoni cant hit back which is why he is targeted. That’s where the strength of all these impotent nincompoops comes from. Tomorrow India will win a tournament and these same buggers will lick Dhoni’s feet.

  7. B K CHOWLA says:

    Look you win some and you lose some.For sometime now,the media,especially one English news channel has been Dhoni bashing.We should have expected it to come.There are a number of lobbies working for and against.The stakes are too high.Let us not forget,bookies play an important role in this entire tamasha.

  8. Indyeah says:

    This is what we are all bout isnt it?
    Moronity(is that a word?) in the extreme!

    trust us to swing to and fro between extremes..ridiculous!!

  9. Liju Philip says:

    @Chowla, of course its a game and its should be seen that way. Its precisely why i totally endorse Mike Atherton’s comment that Indian fans are the most immature. Though i dont agree with his other comments. But he has nailed it here.

    @Indyeah, oh ya mob justice is what we are good at.

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