The real independence

According to Mahatma Gandhi, India would gain real independence the day a woman can walk fearlessly on the roads at midnight.  With the economy liberalising and with the advent of BPO and the back office industry, a bit of that dream of Gandhi was being realised, but we were not there yet.

With the decriminalising of gay sex by the Delhi High court last week, we have moved one major step towards being an equal and just society.  Ignore all the religious nuts and naysayers.  For them, anyone who doesnt believe in their religion is an adversary or a non-believer or someone who needs to be stoned to death.  And that’s true of all the major religions of the world.  So, all the false propaganda that religous leaders would like us to believe that all religions are peace loving and stuff is nothing but ‘false propaganda’.  Their love is simply restricted to people who belong to their school of faith.  Anyone else is either simply banished or is left to burn in hell.

A society is said to be a modern, progressive and liberal when everyone is equal under the eyes of law.  That’s what our founding fathers envisioned when they wrote our constitution.  They believed that no Indian will be discriminated on the basis of their colour, creed, religion, region, caste, political or otherwise belief and so forth.

We live in an ever changing world and we are supposed to change with changing times. People and societies which refuse to change are consigned to the dustbins of history.  Its indeed heartwarming that from now on the corrupt policeman can no longer harass two people in love (even though they are of the same sex) and try to extort money simply because a law created in the era of dinosaurs has been repealed.

It was high time the rule was done away with.  And kudos to the Delhi High court for that.  Three cheers for the NGO, NAZ Foundation that fought the case against the might of the Indian government for 8 long years.

And just that the rule criminalising homosexual sex was abolished, two men Amrit and Jeeta have gone ahead and got married in a temple.

This could just be the first real indication of a persecuted community’s sudden faith in the law safeguarding their lives — and loves post Article 377, and the beginning of a string of same-sex marriages in the country.

In perhaps the first gay marriage after the Delhi High Court in a landmark judgment read down Article 377, a law that made even consensual sex between adult homosexuals a punishable offence, two 18-year-old men, brushing aside protests from family and jeers from society, went to a temple near their house in Chandigarh and “got hitched for life”.

amrit jeeta

As a motley crowd of gays and a few well-wishers cheered the newly married couple, Amrit held his partner Jeeta close and said their union was possible only because of the rethink on the anti-homosexual section of IPC.

“I was so delighted after the court’s verdict that we both decided to get married,” said Jeeta, who fell in love with Amrit three months ago when he stayed in the latter’s house in Kajheri, Chandigarh, as a tenant. “We had been facing discrimination in public, at the work place and at home. But things may look up for people like us now.”

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We have finally started to take baby steps towards a truly just society where no one is discriminated simply because their sense of morality doesn’t agree with a bigger bunch of hypocrites.



  1. amit says:

    That’s great news!
    I just wish that people start minding their own business instead of poking their nose everywhere!

  2. Liju Philip says:

    and ya, this has been long pending

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