Am back

First a trip to smelly and dirty Chennai, then a trip to equally smelly and extremely dirty pilgrim town called Velankanni (with the famous shrine of Mary) and finally to an extremely clean, cold and windy Hyderabad.

Chennai was sweltering hot, i sweated buckets.  Coupled with that the scarcity of water and a city that is used by its citizens as a garbage dump.  You wonder where the municipal workers of the city are?  If at all they are doing the work.  Whether you are the middle of the city or at the outskirts, one thing that defines Chennai is the consistent crappy smell in the air.  The air stinks in Chennai and uniformly so.  Dont know why and how.  This is in addition to the dirt and filth all around.  Wonder which moron decided to name it a metro.


Velankanni was equally dirty.  For a piligrim town with such a potential for tourism, there are hardly any good lodge/hotels.  The only good ones are the dorms run by the church, but they too offer you rooms for the next day only.  And if you are the ones (like me) who just drop into the town with no reservations, hoping to stay at some hotel, be disappointed with the kinds of rooms you get there.  As for the restaurants, stay away if you dont want to come down with some extreme case of food poisoning or diarrhea.

If you have any plans of going to Velankanni, stay at Nagapattinam, a town near Velankanni.  Take a bus in the morning to Velankanni, see around and come back to Nagapattinam.  This was advised by my friends after i did my trip much to my exasperation.

Took a train from Chennai to Hyderabad.  Was travelling by the Indian Railways after more than 11 years and loved the experience.  Reached Hyderabad early morning around 6am on the 14th (our 1st wedding anniversary).   Was amazed at how clean the city of Hyderabad was at 6 in the morning.   Either the roads were swept clean or at some places the cleaners were hard at work.  Kudos to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and the people who work for them for keeping the city reasonably clean.


It was drizzling all through and there was a nice cool breeze.  Loved it. Since we were tired, we preferred to rest.  There was not much celebration for the anniversary as all plans were for wifey’s birthday which was 2 days later on the 16th.  Had a get together at home for friends and family for wifey’s birthday.

Later on in the week, went to the new mall in town, GVK-1.  Good place to hang out, but there was something lacking in the place.  I prefer Hyderabad Central or City Center.  Also the mall is pretty new and the shops are only coming up.  Maybe it will be good once it fills up.


Saw the movie New York.  Not bad i thought.  Better than the crap that Yash Raj is famous for churning out. Saw the movie at the new INOX multiplex at GVK-1.  The seating is good and so is the sound system.

Travelled back to Singapore via Chennai again.  From the superb airport of Hyderabad to a garbage can called Chennai Airport is a perfect example of what the private sector can do to our economy while at the same time, the Chennai airport run by the inefficient babus of Airports Authority of India have really screwed it up.

There were no seats at the international departure.  They simply disappeared.  For someone who’se flight is yet to start check-in, they simply have to stand there waiting for the counters to open.  Can you believe that?  What about the elderly and the people who need to rest?  Have the airport authorities ever thought about their comfort?

And the cafe’s selling stuff in Chennai airport are nothing but daylight robbery.  Tea is sold for Rs 30.  A samosa / aloo bonda costs Rs 60.  Whereas you get a good Cafe Coffee Day coffee at the Hyderabad airport for just Rs 15.

I can go on and on about the pathetic situation at Chennai airport, but its a waste of time.  Its a perfect example of why the airport needs to be handed over to a private player so that they can do a better job of the same.  Anyone with doubts can look at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Bombay airports and compare them to the ones run by AAI.  There is simply no comparison.

Back at office and a mountain of work stares me in the face.  Time to get going.

Chennai picture courtesy: I’m seeing green ;  Hyderabad tank bund and NTR gardens picture courtesy: Hyderabad



  1. B K CHOWLA says:

    Philip,welcome back to Singapore.It seems you had a good trip down south.
    As for Airports are concerned this morning the Strait Times has a news item that Changi has been ranked as the no 1 airport.

  2. saritha says:

    Welcome back.I am homesick now,for sure i will go to hyd this month end or the next month.Beautiful snaps of hyderabad 🙂

  3. Indyeah says:

    never been to Chennai(except as a small kid) so cant say it that bad?
    Hyderabad looks beautiful!

    our govt babus will never work coz their kursis are secure 😦


    so is it back to fulltime bloging now?
    all rejuvenated?:)

  4. amit says:

    Haha! Yeah Chennai airport is pathetic. I have not been to Hyderabad, so can’t say but I am sure it will be definitely better.
    Good to know that you found something in India good. Generally, people who return from abroad can’t find anything good. 🙂

  5. Harsh says:

    never been to any of these places before …. but the second pic is awesome ….

    P.S. Welcome Back !!!

  6. Lazybug says:

    So Chennai is Singapuram without the order cleanliness, u say?

  7. Liju Philip says:

    @Chowla, thanks. Changi Airport is consistently in the world’s top 3 airports for years. Great airport.

    @Saritha, oh yeah. Am getting too nostalgic about Hyd. Everytime, its getting very difficult to leave the place.

    @Indyeah, trust me. Chennai sucks at cleanliness. Rejuvenated? Am missing hyd and home badly now 😦

    @Amit, oh am not a serial complainer 🙂 Do visit Hyd sometime.

    @Harsh, you too are welcome to visit Hyd.

    @Akki, Chennai and S’pore share just one thing. Both are hot and sweaty. Other than that nothing is common.

  8. Chittaranjan says:

    I was abt to say gr8 pics but then I noticed the credit footer!

    Good to know that ur trip was a nice one (at least the non-Chennai part of it)

  9. Liju Philip says:


    heh, all 3 pics were from the web. i have some complaints with Chennai always. But cant seem to avoid that city on every trip of mine 😦

  10. Lorine Synan says:

    This is a nice blog, Going On.

  11. Van says:

    Hi, WOW! Frustration could well be your middle name! You seem to have a problem with everything… Chennai, it’s airport, Vailankanni and even with YRF!!! Clearly a lotta things don’t meet up to your high standards but have you checked if you meet up to others’ standards? Well, you don’t reach up to mine with such a demotivating and derogatory piece on Vailankanni.
    Cleanliness is the very last thing one would look for in the holy town. Have you looked at the devotion of the pilgrims there? Even if they had to wade through a pool of shit, they’d gladly do it…clearly, you were busy wrinkling your haughty nose at the piles of garbage and the ‘stink in the air’ as you so eloquently put it and were totally oblivious to the fact that there are people with tears in their eyes…either to receive blessings from Our Lady or to thank Her for the blessings received.
    I’ve been to Vailankanni umpteen number of times and I’ve never found it to be filthy…not filthier than other Indian cities for sure…so you’re quite an exception…but then, as they say, filth attracts filth!

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