Unsung heroes of India – MC Marykom

We all know the number of times Sachin Tendulkar adjusts his guard between each delivery, but am sure hardly anyone knows about a woman from the remote North Eastern state of Manipur who is a 4 time World Boxing Champion.


Mangte Chungneijang Merykom also known as Mary Kom is the joint Rajiv Gandhi Kehl Ratna award winner for the year 2009 along with boxer Vijender Singh and wrestler Sushil Kumar. A mother of two who came back from a 2 year break from the sport to win her fourth successive World Amateur Boxing gold medal in 2008.

Sad that so less is known about her.  There is some detailed information about her at the Women Boxing Archive Network here. A true champion who is described by the International Boxing Association as “Magnificient Mary”.


Boxing is the only Olympic sport where women couldnt participate.  The sport at Olympics was restricted to men only.  From the 2012 London Olympics, this barrier is to go and women’s boxing will make a grand entry.

Of course, Mary Kom has her eyes fixated on the top prize at the Olympics.  Click on this link for a video on CNN-IBN about the boxer.

Above pictures source:  WBAN and Dailylife



  1. Ottayan says:

    Good of you to highlight those ignored by the mainstream media.

  2. Indyeah says:

    Thank you for sharing about this..was just reading about her in the paper today and now you have written in detail too…
    I hope she wins a lot of medals and makes India proud..

  3. Akshay says:

    I’d first heard about MC Merrykom when I was in the tenth standard.Our school had an excellent boxing team and they’d won several national and international competitions. The boxing team coach -cum -PT instructor had first told us about her. He was practically in raptures about her technique and skill. So I don’t think Merrykom is an “unknown”. The people who matter in the boxing sport hold her in very high regard. As the public, well they don’t care to look beyond the Sachins and the Dhonis. People like Merrykom prove that there is abundant sporting talent in India. The apathy of the authorities is a big roadblock, though.

  4. B K CHOWLA says:

    Good piece of information.I am very happy when anyone writes about any subject concerning N-E states.Those have been neglected.

  5. saritha says:

    Few days back i saw her interview on tv and came to know about her.It is really sad that we give much importance to cricket where as other games and the players are neglected and the players who get awards don’t turn up to take the awards from the president and they are not bothered to send a apology for not coming to the award ceremony.

  6. Liju Philip says:


    Ya, looking forward to a medal from her in the Olympics

    I too read about her a few years ago. But the acute apathy of the media made me write the blog.

    More needs to be written about our NE states and the people.

    Oh ya and our pig headed cricketers who refuse to even take a dope test. now, dont get me going on that too.

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