National ID card to all by 2011

The proposed unique multi-purpose national id cards would be issued to all citizens by 2010-2011, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram said in Chennai on Monday.

In the first phase this year, 1.2 crore people in about 3,331 coastal villages and cities would receive the national id cards, he told reporters on the sidelines of a function in Chennai.

aadhaar card

The national id card will be given to 110 crore people by 2010-2011.  Government has set up a Unique Identification Authority of India to implement the project aimed at obviating the need for multiple proofs of identity for citizens while availing any government service or for personal needs like opening bank accounts or seeking telephone connections.

According to Wikipedia

AADHAAR is a 12 digit individual identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India to all residents of India on a voluntary basis. The number can be used to get social benefits from both the Central and State Governments called Direct Benefit Transfer. UIDAI launched AADHAAR program in the tribal village, Tembhli, in Shahada, Nandurbar, Maharashtra on 29 September 2010. The program was inaugurated by Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh along with UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. The first resident to receive an AADHAAR was Ranjana Sonawane of Tembhli village.

Above news source: Indian Express

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  1. Shas says:

    I don’t know how feasible it will be and whether it will be able to solve the problem. Hope it happens soon and does not involve too much of trouble.

  2. B K CHOWLA says:

    I am hopeful that Nandan will achieve his target.
    I have sort of started to trust Chidambaram since he has taken over as the HM.
    I am also certain such identity card will help so long as Bangladeshis do not duplicate it.

  3. It will be a logistical problem, but I think something like this is very necessary. But why can’t the Election PIC perform the same function, since many already have it?


    Quirky Indian

  4. I hope they manage to do it Philip! This is much needed… will work as Voter ID cards also perhaps?? Some control on corruption during voting…

  5. This one is going to be an enormous logistical nightmare.. Every possible precautions have to be taken before they implement such a social ID system, and loopholes have to be identified and rectified before they press the green button. Identity theft is a serious problem where this is implemented and hope those concerned will look at it.

  6. Chittaranjan says:

    This is the proj that Nandu was handling, right? I rmr reading an article someplace that had a guy successfully cloning an UK identity card in 2-3 hrs flat 😐

    I agree with Scorpio in that it is a big logistical nightmare. Given what we are seeing with election id cards (Sania’s & Sachin’s photo in 20+ cards, cards issued to houses/tractors/cows etc) it won’t be surprising if these cards also get marginalised.

  7. Chittaranjan says:

    Chittaranjan :
    I rmr reading an article someplace that had a guy successfully cloning an UK identity card in 2-3 hrs flat

    This be the link:

  8. Liju Philip says:

    it wont be easy, but if well implemented would be a real feather in India’s cap

    capable people are in charge of the project(s) and hopefully they will deliver

    @The Quirky Indian
    the election card is full of holes. male are notified as female and vice versa. and its doesnt have any biometric authentication and is hence open to abuse.

    @Indian Homemaker
    plan is to first roll out this card to the needy (people covered under mid day meal scheme, nrega, other kinds of benefit recipients) and slowly will include others.

  9. Liju Philip says:

    yup, every possible precaution and every possible way of cracking it must be thought upon and the loopholes fixed. its for sure not an easy project.

    yup, Nandan Nilekani (x-infosys) is heading the project. if implemented properly, all the loopholes can be fixed. some form of fingerprinting, retina scan be implemented which can be foolproof enough. anyway, for someone wanting to break the law will do it. there has to be enough deterrent in the form of laws to handle them.

  10. joze says:


    This page has been posted as an introductory page for the National ID Card. A more comprehensive page is begin prepared and should be ready soon. Until such time, this should make you think about the dangers of having a National ID Card:

    Question: What is wrong with a National ID Card?
    Answer: Nothing, as long as you don’t mind being a slave for the rest of your life.

    Question: How does a National ID Card make me a slave?
    Answer: The Card ‘identifies’ you as the property of the government.

    Question: What is the definition of Identify and/or Identity?
    Answer: The definition of Identify and/or Identity means ‘the same as’.

    Question: How can a National ID Card make me the property of the government?
    Answer: The ID Card is only for legal entities, and therefore the Card ‘identifies’ you to be ‘the same as’ the legal entity (artificial person) which exists on the Card.

    Question: Who has legal title to the ID Card?
    Answer: The government has legal title to the ID Card (they created it), and therefore has legal title to the legal entity (artificial person) created thereon. The holder of the ID Card may have equitable title (to use) the Card.

    Question: What happens when I agree to have a National ID Card?
    Answer: By agreeing to be identified by the Card, you have just agreed (by contract) to be ‘the same as’ the legal entity which was created by the government. In other words, you have agreed, by contract, to be owned by the government (because they own the entity and now you have agreed to be the same as the entity, so they own you).

    Question: Can I terminate the contract if I already have a National ID Card?
    Answer: No. According to contract law, unless written otherwise into the contract, the contract will only be terminated when both parties to the contract agree to termination. Although you may wish to terminate the contract, the government will never agree to do so. You are their slave for life, and your property (children, estate, etc.) becomes their property in perpetuity (forever).

    Question: Who can identify me?
    Answer: You, your God (if he shows up), and possibly your parents (provided babies were not swapped). Practically speaking, only YOU can identify you for sure, nobody else. You have to self-identify, viz: “I am the same as I am, I am I and nobody else.”

    Question: How can a government tell me who I am?
    Answer: The government cannot tell you who you are, but if you agree to be the same as their entity, now they can tell you who you are and make you their slave.

    Solution: Know who you are, and don’t let anybody else tell you who you are. Whatever you do, DO NOT agree to have a National ID Card if you wish to remain free.

    A slave once said “Oh master, please tell me who I am.”

    For those in BRITAIN who may be forced to have a National ID Card in order to obtain a passport to leave their own country, they should learn, and quote, from the following Artilce 12 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states:

    “1. Everyone lawfully within the territory of a State shall, within that territory, have the right to liberty of movement and freedom to choose his residence.

    2. Everyone shall be free to leave any country, including his own

    3. The above-mentioned rights shall not be subject to any restrictions except those which are provided by law, are necessary to protect national security, public order (ordre public), public health or morals or the rights and freedoms of others, and are consistent with the other rights recognized in the present Covenant

    4. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of the right to enter his own country.”

    Please be aware that the Article 12, as quoted above, does NOT say every person; it clearly says everyone, clearly not including artificial-persons. This Article also appears to indicate that it is not necessary to have a passport in order to travel anywhere in the world.

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