Happiness is….

Seeing an inept, incompetent, overhyped England team being torn to shreds by a German war machine.  The English team didnt even deserve to enter the knock out stage of the competition.  With France & Italy too gone, the most prominent European teams have exited.

Germany 4-1 England

It would be sad to see Germany and Argentina meeting in the next round as only one can go through.  Sad, i love both the teams.

Above picture courtesy: FIFA



  1. B K CHOWLA says:

    I am really now enjoying the game, even though I understand very little of it

  2. Masters of hype with very little original skill or talent. They play against each other in the Premiere League and think that they’re the best in the World. When face-to-face with real men their pants are blown the very first minute. This is the case in every sport with the Great England teams, not just in football.

    Rooney was heralded next to God and he has come down to Earth at last. God exists, I think 😀

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