Commonwealth Games New Delhi – 2010 Updates

Corruption, incompetence, unfinished venues, collapsed bridge, floating shit, dengue and now a collapsed false roof.

The fun never stops at CWG.

Guess what’s more funnier than above all mentioned things?  Pakistan now wants to send a police official to check if security is all right in India before sending their teams for the games.  ROTFLMAO.

Come out and play.  Am still rooting for sooper games.

PS: I was thinking of putting up pictures of the venues and detailed info. But looks like the corruption and incompetence of Sure Calamity (Suresh Kalmadi), Lalit Bhanot and gang is much more funnier.

And then, the mother of all comments by none other than Lalit Bhanot

See everyone has a different standard of cleanliness. The rooms of the Games village are clean according to you and me, but they have some other standard of cleanliness.

Lo, kar lo baat

Updated:  Btw, can anyone beat the kind of free publicity Kalmadi & gang have bought to the games?  No one even bothered about these games a year ago.  Today its on the front page of most of the papers.  Heck, even the Straits Times of Singapore has a front page heading about the collapsed bridge.