Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Over the new year holiday, went to Marina Bay Sands here in Singapore.  No regrets at not having gone earlier.  Honestly, there is nothing great about the place.  The hotel looks like 3 giant pillars and doesn’t even look pleasing in the day time.  Maybe the interiors of the hotel are world class, but the noisy crowd in the lobby of the hotel dragging their luggage around combined with a few girls standing around the doors dressed in cheongsam looking utterly bored and uninterested.  You wonder if this was what they could produce after spending more than SG$ 5 billion?

The whole shopping place looks as if all the premium brands of the world have been rounded up and put up in a giant warehouse.

There was nothing pleasant about the place.  It looked like a hodge podge of ideas.  Too much of money spent but hardly any class in the stuff.  The other structure sticking out like a sore thumb was the helix bridge.  Neither does it protect you from the rain nor from the sun.  Only God knows why they built that structure.

Maybe the whole thing looks awesome in the night.  And yes, it does look good in the pictures (taken at night).  Maybe the hotel up above and the rooms are terrific.  But the general view of the whole place was a big thumbs down.  The shops were all deserted with people not even interested in window shopping.  The only place (as usual) that was filled with people was the food court.  Just like any other eating joint in Singapore, it was chock a block with people and no place to sit.

The Casino was out of bounds for me and Iam surely not stupid enough to pay $100 to go in to gamble or even to look around.  It too looked crowded inside just like the food court.

The best thing about the place is the spectacular view of the skyline of the business district.  The view was great.

Would love to go see the Resorts World Sentosa too, but this experience has simply dampened my expectations.  So, that can wait.



  1. B K CHOWLA says:

    During my last visit to Singapore, I visited this place.
    frankly,it wasnt bad.

  2. Liju Philip says:

    Maybe the hype went to my head. No wonder i felt letdown 😉

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