Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup has started.  Hardly see any real enthusiasm for the game. The same is the situation with me.  Other than the opening match, there has hardly been any game worthwhile.

Why couldnt the ICC stage matches between the top teams on weekends?  Why is India playing the next match with England more than a week later on a Sunday instead of Saturday or Friday?  Why is the tournament stretched so long in the first place?  Heck, why have 14 teams in the first place?

Iam all for all out participation of minnows in top leagues, but why bring in Canada, Netherlands etc to the world cup.  There should have been a qualifying tournament for the other ICC member teams and only 2 of the winners should have made the cut for the actual world cup.

And then they worry as to why the 50 over format of One dayers are losing their appeal.

Call it tamasha or nautanki, iam still waiting for the IPL.  Gimme my Deccan Chargers and the cheerleaders anyday 😀

And ya, keep that Lalit Modi fella away.  Another shot of his on the TV screen and i might puke.



  1. B K CHOWLA says:

    The real teams have yet to play and create excitment.
    Let us wait and watch

  2. Yes, I too watched the first match and then didn’t get around to watching any more!

  3. Ecuador says:

    There would be 10 players from Bihar caapeintd by Dhoni. So it makes 11 from undivided Bihar. He just CAN NOT get rid of Dhoni hence he will make the cut . else all the 11 would be from Bihar. Reservation would now start and the criteria could be caste, district, and of course poilitical affiliations!!!! LOL +1Was this answer helpful?

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