Life Updates – 2

Attending the ISMS Lead Auditor course from today.  Course will run till Monday.  On the last day is the certification exam.  Hope i can pass.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Work is too hectic.  Been more than a week into the new position.  Lots of responsibilities and lots to learn.  Challenging no doubt, but happy that Iam learning a lot.  Been stuck in the rut for some time now.  Took this leap of faith and till now, its been pretty satisfying.

The markets have been on a roller coaster.  Up one day and down the next 2 days.  Havent had time to look at my portfolio which has been red when i saw last week.  Not thinking much about it.  Bought some good companies (i believe) on the dips and i will now wait for the market to go up.  There are indications that it might go down further.  No worries.  Will wait for it to go up.

Meanwhile, the cricket world cup is in full flow.  India is now on the top of the table, but had just one challenging match (against England).  The match against South Africa this weekend will be the one to watch out for.

Meanwhile reading a lot of finance / investment books.   Am in the process of making changes to my career and life in general.  As and when significant changes happen, i will update here.  Till  then, let things drift.

There was a time when i had trouble reading one book.  Today, am simultaneously reading 4 books, 2 magazines and books related to the course iam attending.  Not to mention technical documents related to work.   I cant believe that i have time to do all that.  Wifey hasnt had any complaints that iam not spending time with her.  In the past few months, have gone to the Zoo, Bird Park, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Science Center and a few other places with her.  More places here in Singapore to explore.  Wanted to go overseas for a holiday, but am waiting for some time for me to get settled into the new job responsibilities.

Time isnt a hindrance if one plans properly.  Earlier, i was too lethargic. This year of the rabbit has been too good for me already.  Hope the luck stays.  I need it.  Have a lot to achieve this year.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
– Robert Frost

A big thank you and wishes to all the women who have touched me in some way and been a part of my life.  Thanks a million.  Wishing the best on the centenary celebrations of the International Womens Day – 2011.



  1. dinu says:

    Good luck with your auditor course, buddy !

  2. B K CHOWLA says:

    A happy women’ s day to everyone

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