The Final Four

3 Asian teams and New Zealand have made it to the semi finals of the ICC World Cup.  No one would have expected such a situation at the begining of the tournament.  Australia was destined to be in the semis and as for South Africa, they have made choking their middle name.  The nail-biting win over India in the group matches was alas, a fluke.

The India – Pakistan semi finals is almost being hyped up to a final.  Wishing that the law of averages catches up with Afridi in the semis.  But they still have enough mavericks in the team to turn the match on its head.

New Zealand is my other favourite apart from India and i would love to see them beat the Lankans, though it would be a tall order for them.  Looking at the way this tournament has progressed, anything is possible though.

May the best team win.



  1. B K CHOWLA says:


  2. May India be that best team! 😉

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