The Rat Race

Work is hectic and continues apace with no respite. Havent taken a single leave this year; and we are almost at the end of 6 months of the year.   Will be taking a vacation in July or most probably August. Have learnt a lot in the past 3 odd months than what i have learnt over the past 2-3 years.

The one thing that i believe that i always lacked is the ability to chase people to get my things done.  This is something i have slowly started to work on.  Iam happy living in my own cocoon.  Takes time for me to open up and as a result, i have a small tight group of friends and for someone else to enter the group, it takes time.

But for some reason, i have seen people open up to me easily.  I dont need to know a person for long before they confess their intimate secrets to me.  Dunno if i give them some kind of comfort or is it something else.

Meanwhile for some strange reason, i have started believing that my days as an employee is coming to an end. Sooner or later i want to do my own thing.  This has been going round in my mind for long. But honestly, i cant figure out what is that one thing that i want to do.  If nothing, i want to take a break, finish the NCFM certifications and if possible get certified as a Financial Planner.  Later on, start my own consultancy or investment firm.  Also would love to learn more about trading, commodities and stuff.

If only i could make some time to pursue all these interests.



  1. B K CHOWLA says:

    Singapore is full of oppurtunities.I know this as my son has lived there for long.

  2. Liju Philip says:

    I dont follow the SG stock market. The only idea (bits of ) that i have is of the Indian market.

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