The new circus in town – Formula1

The Formula1 carnival has finally reached the Indian shores.  The first day of practise has happened.  The race was as inagurated by our honourable chief guest “a dog”.  They never fail to make their presence felt.  Remember the Commonwealth Games.  Well, its better having a dog on the track than Suresh Kalmadi who is cooling heels in the Tihar Jail post all the scams.

Other than being dusty, the track seems to have got a huge thumbs up from the F1 boss, teams and players.  Anyway building the whole thing up in just 2 years has been a humungous effort.  Its the first time ever and am sure the builders (Jaypee) would learn from this effort.  The next year is gonna be awesome.  As of now the whole place looks like just another track anywhere else.  By the next year, Jaypee plans to insert some “Indianness” into the whole thing.

As long as the Indian government stays away from anything related to organising anything, am happy.  Good to see  a much much professional job by the private sector.

All pictures courtesy: ESPN


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  1. b k chowla says:

    At least India has succeeded in managing another international event

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