Goodbye London, Cya in Rio 2016

And, the 15 day Olympic extravaganza comes to a close.  For India, its been the best ever performance in the history of the games.  From no-hopers a decade ago, 6 medals in this 2012 London Olympics has nothing been a miracle for a country that heaps all its adulation and money on cricket and almost nothing comparatively on other sports.  For all the money spent, the Indian cricket team is hardly a world beater too.  Its routinely trounced by other sports intensive countries like England, Australia & South Africa.

Its in this light that the achievement by the sports persons at this Olympic games stands as a shining beacon.  Though there have been flops like the Archery, boxing teams and missed opportunities by the shooting team.  Nothing much was anyway expected by the athletics squad.  Though Krishna Poonia and Vikas Gowda did their best in the discuss event in both women’s and men’s categories respectively, it was an uphill task for them.

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