Return to India after living abroad for years

3 months ago, I was supposed to write a series of posts on how I handled the return to India after having lived and worked in Singapore for more than a decade.  My career started with working in a company in India for about 3 years.  Going to work in the US was always the target (as has been the norm in Hyderabad).  As friends moved to the US and different parts of the world, I too planned to make my move.

The first option that came to hand was an offer for a job in Singapore and I grabbed with both hands as I was already working in the current company (Softcell Technologies) for about 3 years then.  In those days (am sure the trend is still the same) working in the IT field in one company for anything more than 3-4 years was considered as suicidal from the career point of view.

Once I went to Singapore, the intention was never to come back and honestly in 2000, there was nothing much exciting happening in India. Or maybe, it was happening and I wasn’t aware of the thing.  Anyways, times passed and I applied for Singapore PR as well as Canadian PR.  The Singapore PR came thru first.  Unlike the promised 18 months, it took more than 3 years for the Canadian PR to get approved and by the time it happened, I was well and truly settled down in Singapore. I was happy there, but that over a period of time, you get well versed with the politicial and social structure of the country.  And one thing was decided for sure, I wouldn’t take up the citizenship of Singapore.  There are many reasons far beyond the scope of this post.  Maybe in some other post I will describe it.

But its nothing to take away from the beauty of the place, the stability of the government, the relative peace and tranquility, the safety on the streets, the ultra-efficient and technologically superior infrastructure.  But then deep inside, you realize that you don’t really want to dig your roots in an antiseptic environment.  The chaos that is so entrenched in India was missing.  Also there were other personal reasons for which I wanted to move back.  I miss Singapore a lot.  The place, its people, my friends i left behind, my colleagues who were an integral part of my life for so many years…but time goes on and you need to move on too.  Singapore will always remain a special place in my heart.  No matter what i will always wish the place and its people well.

So, I started thinking about the move back somewhere in 2008.  By then, I had completed 3 years as a Permanent Resident in Singapore.  I wanted to wait for the first 5 years of PR to complete and then apply for a renewal and then make a move back.  I planned as much as possible over the next few years. But then honestly, you cant plan enough.  Things don’t go according to your plans.  You make mistakes. The trick is to realize that you are gonna make mistake and be ready for them.

I will write in the next few posts on how I made the relocation.  Stay tuned….