Coming Soon – Bullet Trains for Tortoise Tracks

Wouldnt it be better if they at least get the tracks in order to run the trains at high speed? Why spend so much money if they want to make the bullet trains crawl on our tracks?  Why waste money?  Another scam in the making?

The railways have decided to go in for six bullet train-sets at an estimated cost of Rs. 25,000 crore and an announcement is expected in the next rail budget. Bullet trains are capable of clocking a speed of 325 kilometres per hour. But in the absence of requisite infrastructure, these will run at an 110 kmph on existing broad-gauge routes.

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Japanese, French and German consortia are in the race to sell these train-sets, even as the Japanese are sponsoring a study on high-speed rail possibilities in India. Justifying the “piecemeal and premature” acquisition proposal, an official said, “Such projects have a long gestation period, but one has to start somewhere.”

The Japanese consortium has quoted a price of Rs. 54 crore per coach — the cost of the train-set working out to approximately Rs. 900 crore “We will go in for some mix-and-match to negotiate a better price. Each train-set should come at a cost of about Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 cr,” an official said.

News source: Hindustan Times


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