Prithvi-II Test Fired Off Balasore Coast

The Indian Army successfully test-fired medium range surface-to-surface ballistic missile Prithvi-II from a defence base in Balasore district on Thursday. The success came a couple of weeks after the Army successfully conducted its first user trial of 3000 km range nuke-capable Agni-III missile from the Wheeler Island. Strategic Forces Command (SFC) of the Army conducted the trial. Mounted on a mobile Tatra transporter-erector launcher (MTL), the indigenously built ballistic missile was fired from the launching complex III (LC-III) in the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur-on-sea at about 9.10 am.

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“The test named as limited stock production (LSP) test was conducted by the user (Indian Army) with the logistic support from the DRDO scientists. The missile used for the test was one of the products picked randomly from the assembly line. The mission met all mission objectives successfully,” said a defence official. Defence sources said the 8.56 metre high and one meter thick missile, with a launch weight of 4.6 tonne, has a strike range of up to 350 km. Powered by liquid propellant, it can operate with both liquid as well as solid fuel.

According to a source at the defence base, the missile, which carried a dummy payload (conventional explosive), covered the desired strike range before plunging into the sea at a predetermined splash-down point.

News source: TimesofIndia


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