Education & Certification – NSE Academy’s Certification in Financial Markets – NCFM

Remember those days when the only career choice available were Engineering & Medicine.  Anyone who didnt go through was destined to be consigned to the dustbin of history.  Today, as the Indian economy integrates further into the global economy, the number of job and career opportunities are going through the roof.  The IT revolution has spawned innumerable opportunities in various fields like programming, networking, security, maintenance, data centre, call centres, bpo, kpo, data mining etc.  Other fields have opened up like bio technology, fashion degsign, journalism, freelancing, financial planners, wealth managers, consultants, chartered accounting and a multitude of other opportunities.

It will be tough to keep track of all the career opporunities available.  Meanwhile i will try to keep a track of all the career options that the finance field offers. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) offers NCFM (NSE Academy’s Certification in Financial Markets) which allows people wanting to start a career in the finance industry. Actually thses certifications are also useful for professionals already working in the banking and finance field if they want to upgrade their knowledge or get certification that will help them get promotions at their job. Or even if they want to move into a lateral department in the same or competing organization.

The NCFM exams are divided into 3 categories:

  • Beginners – 11 modules
  • Intermediate – 25 modules
  • Expert – 13 modules

The exams target professionals with specific experience in the fields.  A newcomer with no idea in the finance field can start off with the Beginners module certifications and move on as he/she gains knowledge and certification.  Please note that NSE incrementally adds on to the certification as newer fields gain prominence.  Also, its not necessary for any student to take all the examinations.  They can pick and choose the certifications that they are interested in or are interested in furthering their career in.

The next few posts will start looking at each and every examination in detail.