Why Is Hong Kong One Of The Best Destinations To Visit?

Hong Kong is one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the planet: it is amassed with all sorts of beautiful sceneries, one of a kind monuments, fun-filled activities found nowhere else in the world. In a bid to showcase its magic, today we shall be taking a look at what the city dubbed the “Pearl of the Orient” has to offer:

Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise
If you have a penchant for shopping, then Hong Kong is your equivalent of heaven on earth. The city has an abundance of major supermarkets with countless street markets and bazaars at the heart of all the buying and selling. Clothes, electronics, souvenirs, home furnishing, cosmetics you name it, anything you need you are sure to find it. Most popular shopping locations include the Temple Street and the kilometer-long market on Tung Choi Street.

Hong Kong SkylineUnrivalled sceneries
You’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of beautiful sceneries as the city has no shortage of them. First up is the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade that offers a breathtaking view of nature’s work at its finest. From there, the mesmerizing skyline of the Hong Kong Island is visible alongside many of the city’s glamorous architectural prowess.

Another that offers quite the vantage point of the city’s skyline in all its glory is The Peak in Mid-Levels. The anvil-shaped structure provides one of the best viewing platforms in the city from which to take in the amazing show put on by Hong Kong’s army of unbridled skyscrapers. The city truly comes into its own at night time with an array of all sorts of mesmerizing lights bringing it into life. It makes for a scene right out of the Cinderella movies.

Rich blend of culture
Hong Kong is a concussion of many cultures and as such the city is amassed with numerous fairs and festivals all year round; there’s never a dull moment. These include the Chinese New Year, sports, Halloween and general art celebrations which feature a display of ancient culture and tradition, eye-watering fireworks and the dance and routines to match. What’s more, these events feature a variety of delicious cuisines to keep your taste buds occupied.

hongkong buildingsHong Kong is the city of Stars 
Hong Kong’s is renowned for producing a great deal of talented martial art superstars who went on to cement their name not only in the sands of time but also in stone in the famous “Avenue of Stars.” Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, the avenue contains an assembly of legendary figures (Bruce Lee, McDull, Anita Mui among many others) of the country’s movies industry immortalized in artistic statues. The “Garden of Stars” also encompasses handprint plaques of the industry’s greats and classic movie scenes brought to life in a mural; all of which can be experienced from regular exhibition displays.

Unforgettable Disney Land
A marvel inspired ride, Star Wars theme experience and the ultimate Iron Man display all ensure that your night is as magical as it gets. The Hong Kong Disney Land is a captivating destination for children and adults alike puts on a light show second to none thanks to state of the art technology.

hongkong harbour

Timeless Monuments
The Clock Tower standing elegantly at a junction where the center of the former Canton Terminus used to be puts on dazzling display with the granite tower complimented beautifully by shades of red brick. The tower not only serves as eye candy but also harbours within its walls tales of a century-old past of the steam age.

Soothing massages
Well, if you’re wondering why you’d travel across borders just to get a massage, then you most certainly have not been at the receiving end of a naturist massage in Hong Kong. Naturist massages have featured in countless films about the city and that’s because they are simply heavenly. Executed by highly skilled professionals, the art has been honed over time to provide a mind-shattering unforgettable experience that’ll leave you begging for more. Hong Kong is flooded with parlors and spas providing naturist massages and offers a great way to bring the curtains down on a fun-filled day.

Final Verdict
Hong Kong is not called the “Pearl of The Orient” for no reason; it is a buzz of all sorts of marvels and unmatched festivals making it one of the best places to visit. If you haven’t quite put a finger on where to go on your next vacation, then think no further. Hong Kong is the place to be.

  • Alex Dragas (Guest Post Contributor)