2018 – A Recap

1. Seeing my daughter grow up in front of my eyes was the biggest blessing and probably the only thing i did in the whole of the year. It was a great experience becoming a hands on father.

2. Another year passed with no certifications. Though read lots of research papers, balance sheets, documents on economics, finance, medicine, physics, astronomy, cryptos, blockchain etc. Read interviews and articles written by some legends in the fields of investing, medicine, physics, blockchain etc.

3. Finished a short course from CommonSense Living in the fundamentals and workings of Cryptocurrency, Blockchains, & Crypto Wallets. More importantly, the course/service covers the various innovations that is happening in the crypto and blockchain universe and how various governments across the worlds are waking up and reacting to the way cryptos and blockchains are changing the fundamentals of finance, economy and security.

4.   Started a course in edX on Hyperledger.  Its a self study course, and as usual, am lagging in it. Hope to complete it this year.

5. Started following and reading everything that was written by value investors like Whitney Tilson of Kase Capital, Vitaliy Katsenelson of Contrarian Edge, Aswath Damodaran – Professor of Finance at Stern School of Business, Naval Ravikant of Angellist, Jae Jun of Old School Value, Shane Parrish of Farnam Street, Vivek Kaul, Ajit Dayal and the many editors of Equitymaster, Vishal Khandelwal of Safal Niveshak and many more.

2018 - a recap

6. The concept of reading books stopped. Just read 2 full books. Skimmed through many books reading a portion of them here and there. Read just the gist of many books. Need to get back to the habit of reading books this year.

7. Again the number of movies i watched crossed 100. Many of them TV Series. Not to mention lots of world cinema. Watched Argentinian, Spanish, Korean movies other than the regular garbage.

8. Health was fine most of the year. Kept exercising on and off. The daily target of 10000 steps wasnt achieved much, but hit 7000 daily steps pretty regularly. The Mi fit band was my best ever investment in health.

9. After 6 years of beating the Sensex comfortably, my portfolio saw a major dip this year with a paltry 2% growth. Though there were pockets of outperformers like Titan, TCS, Pidilite, Asian Paints, L&T, Sonata Software & HDFC.

10. The SIPs in mutual funds continued without a break as its been happening for the past 10 odd years. I surprise myself when i look back at the discipline i have maintained for the past decade in keeping my SIP running even in the face of cash cruch sometimes. I slashed my expenses, but ensured that the SIPs kept running nonstop through all the boom and bust cycles.

11. Stayed out of momentum stocks, but this year have kept aside a small amount to dabble in penny stocks. See how things go about and all the costly lessons i will learn.

12. Read and prepared myself thoroughly to get into the cryptocurrency sector, but at the right time the govt clamped down on it by cutting off bank funding. So i procrastinated; and it worked in my favour. The whole crypto sector collapsed and Bitcoin is hovering around $4000 levels from the dizzying heights of $20000. Though I still believe in the concept of blockchains and crypto and the disruption it will bring into finance, medicine, governance, security etc. Its a vast ocean out there and i hope to keep myself updated on the changes happening in the industry.

13. Just 2 trips in the year to Bangalore & Delhi-Ghaziabad-Faridabad.

Much more excited about 2019. Instead of waiting till the new year to start off what i planned, i hit the ground running in the end of November itself. It gave me a good foundation going into the new year. Hope i can reach at least 50% of my targets by the end of 2019.

Wishing all of you and your loved ones a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year.

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