Iam a NSE Certified Market Professional (NCMP) Level 2 and currently preparing to get certified as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Investing and trading in the Indian Stock Markets since 2004.

NCMP Level 2. Equities. Risk. Insurance. Retirement. Cryptocurrency

Disclaimer: Iam NOT an investment advisor. Any information mentioned on this website is not a recommendation to either buy or sell or trade in it. All information in this website is just a collation of data that i happen to read on the internet or elsewhere. Nothing written here should be taken as a hot tip or recommendation.  Please contact a competent Financial Planner registered with SEBI to further your investment portfolio. Thank You.

I have completed a few certifications as mentioned below:

  1. Tax & Estate Planning – FPSB
  2. Investment Planning – FPSB
  3. Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits – FPSB
  4. Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning – FPSB
  5. NSE Certification in Financial Markets – Securities Market
  6. NSE Cerfitication in Financial Markets – Mutual Funds
  7. NSE Certification in Financial Markets – Fundamental Analysis
  8. NSE Ceritification in Financial Markets – Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
  9. NSE Certification in Financial Markets – Financial Markets (Advanced)
  10. NSE Certification in Financial Markets – Capital Market (Dealers)

My Past

From 1997 to 2012, I worked in IT as a Systems and Network Administrator (2000-2012 in Singapore). Finance, Business and Investing is where my primary interests lie. Since 2005, I have been an active investor in the Indian stock markets. Other interests include reading (mostly non-fiction and biographies), movies, music, cricket, football, travel etc.