Investing In Wine Through Vinovest App

It’s a cellar’s market. For ages, savvy oenophiles have made huge sums off smart investments of collector bottles. A new platform, Vinovest, is looking to woo greener drinkers by guiding users through investing in managed portfolios of investment-grade fine wines. Fine wine is generally a precarious market to invest in. The $5-billion dollar resale market is unfriendly to those without deep wine knowledge and monetary resources. There are broker fees and auction house commissions for authenticating wines (the wine industry has an infamous forgery market, best documented in the 2016 film Sour Grapes). Wines must be kept in climate-controlled rooms; costly to install and maintain.

Petra Diamonds Puts Up for Sale as $650 Million Debt Looms

PETRA Diamonds said on Friday it would seek offers for the company after concluding a strategic review aimed at finding ways to repay $650m in debt. An option would be to sell certain assets in the group which largely consist of South African mines bought over the years from De Beers, including the famed Cullinan mine. The London-listed company said on Friday it had “… decided to seek offers for the company, or for parts of the business or assts of the Petra Diamonds group”. The strategic review was conducted with Rothschilds & Co, a bank.

Diamonds Sales Boom During Lockdown

Diamonds have enjoyed a boom in sales during lockdown with some wealthy investors seeking to lift their spirits with a sparkling new precious stone. Recently, a multi-coloured ‘Tutti Frutti’ diamond bracelet made by Cartier in 1930 sold for £1.1million at an online Sotheby’s auction. It comfortably beat the £650,000 estimate despite the New York auction only being open to internet bidders. Yet although diamonds can represent a good investment, they are not for the faint-hearted.

Investors Coming Back to Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey

THE Irish whiskey industry is on the up, with the number of distilleries across the island hitting a 120-high last year and sales expected to grow to 14 million cases this year. It is also gaining global recognition, with an Irish whiskey winning the highly coveted accolade of the world’s best single malt. The comeback…

The Sparkling Rise Of The Lab Grown Diamond

On a grey January morning in 2019 Meghan Markle emerged onto a London street on her way to a meeting. She wore a smart coat and heels, but it was not her clothing that caught the attention of the world. It was a pair of glittering drop earrings embedded with lab grown diamonds. It took…

Is It Time To Start Investing in Japanese Whiskey?

They say nothing lasts forever, and aged Japanese whisky is no exception. Having bursted into the American drinking consciousness over the last two decades (thanks in no small part to Bill Murray), the spirit has become a favorite of collectors and connoisseurs. The bad news is that Japanese distilleries weren’t anticipating such a boom. The…

Angola Eyes Becoming Worlds Third Largest Diamond Producer

Angola is tapping into its potential and aspiring to become the  worlds third largest diamond producer and cutter in the world, the CEO of its national diamond company Endiama said on Monday. “We have been working with major diamond companies around the world to add more value to the sector,” Jose Manuel Ganga Junior told…

Worlds Most Expensive Precious Metal Rhodium Surges Amid Emissions Clampdown

The price of rhodium, a precious metal that strips pollutants out of exhaust fumes, is surging as car manufacturers in Asia and Europe scramble to abide by stricter emission regimes. Supplies of rhodium are limited because the metal is mined as a byproduct of platinum, palladium and gold, while demand is rising as regulators restrict…

Financial Crisis Continues to Threaten Antwerp Diamond Industry

Antwerp traded a total of €33 billion in cut and uncut diamonds in 2019, 20% less than in 2018, and a figure reminiscent of the levels last seen in the financial crisis years of 2009-2010. The AWDC says it foresees no improvement this year, but recovery should be expected in 2021. Antwerp is not alone….

Louis Vuitton Buys Worlds Second Largest Diamond For Millions of Dollars

Louis Vuitton has made a splash as it showed off its latest purchase: the worlds second largest diamond. The LVMH-owned brand, which announced last week that it was the new owner of the 1,758-carat Sewelô, displayed the glinting, blackened stone at its Place Vendôme store in Paris. The company has not revealed how much it…