The baap of all entertainment is back – IPL 3

There are two religions in India.  Cricket and Bollywood.  The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a marriage of the two.  The best players in the world playing for teams owned by some of the biggest actors, businessmen and playing in front of packed stadiums in the mecca of cricket, India and producing some of the…

New Movie Page

Considering the amount of movies i watch, i felt that a separate page is needed to justify it.  So, i have put up a listing of all the movies that i have watched this year in the new page called “Movies“. Yes, its just 11 days into the year but i have already watched  13…

Now Watching – Doctor Zhivago

This weekend, i watched Doctor Zhivago. To be honest, i found it better than Lawrence of Arabia. Cant believe that iam having the opportunity to watch such classics courtesy the Singapore National Library. God bless them 🙂 Had heard so much about the director, David Lean. And after watching 2 of his all time classics,…

Krazzy 4 – Break Free

Now that both the versions of Break Free by Shah Rukh and Hrithik is out. The verdit is a no brainer. Hrithik simply blows away the competition. He is friggin awesome. +++

Now Watching

Bugsy **** (4/5) Burn *** (3/5) Il Postino ** (2/5) +++

Oram Po – Review

You’ve seen bike races, car races and heck even humans racing in movies. For the first time, there is a movie where the characters believe in having autorickshaw races to settle scores. With characters who have names like Bigle, Son of Gun and Rani @ Biryani, Oram Po is a hell of a ride. Though…

Heath Ledger – RIP

Sometimes, all the money in the world still can’t bring the happiness one needs. A sad and tragic end to a beautiful and promising life. Sigh. Rest in Peace. Above picture courtesy: Herald Sun +++