Weekend movies

Have been watching a lot of movies these past few days.  Went to the library on Friday and picked up 4 more movies and watched them over the weekend.  Still got a few more to go.  A friend lent me his collection of the Godfather movie series (Part 1, 2 and 3).  Haven’t found time…

Now Watching – Doctor Zhivago

This weekend, i watched Doctor Zhivago. To be honest, i found it better than Lawrence of Arabia. Cant believe that iam having the opportunity to watch such classics courtesy the Singapore National Library. God bless them 🙂 Had heard so much about the director, David Lean. And after watching 2 of his all time classics,…

Weekend Music – Rozana (Nishabd)

No matter what the critics said, i absolutely loved Nishabd. Give me a movie on human relations any day than some sci-fi stuff. And this song is a favorite of mine. Though i cant seem to find the full song on youtube. Maybe the execution was a bit faulty, but you cant discount the guts…

Now Watching

Picked up a few movies from the library for my weekend watch. The Pelican Brief **** 3/5 Trinity is still my name ** 2/5 Children of Heaven **** 4/5 Two Mules for Sister Sara *** 3/5 +++

U Me aur Hum – Music Review

After some fantabulous music in No Smoking, Vishal Bharadwaj is back with some real foot tapping music in Ajay Devgan’s directorial debut “U Me aur Hum“. Listen to Dil Dhkda, Jee Le and the title song version by Shreya Ghosal. Simply mindblowing music. The lyrics in Dil Dhakda is real fun and peppy. A great…

What Natalie Portman can but i cannot

Seriously, I would really want to grab Scarlett’s breasts Even i have the same opinion. Now, if i had blurted it out, i would have been branded a pervert and hauled to the court. Sigh. +++

Himesh Reshammiya – Origins & Sequels

Found this on the net. Coming soon, a sequel to the blockbuster of the year “Aap ka Suroor” …and then, the origin of Himesh Reshammiya the Singer. +++