Diamonds Sales Boom During Lockdown

Diamonds have enjoyed a boom in sales during lockdown with some wealthy investors seeking to lift their spirits with a sparkling new precious stone. Recently, a multi-coloured ‘Tutti Frutti’ diamond bracelet made by Cartier in 1930 sold for £1.1million at an online Sotheby’s auction. It comfortably beat the £650,000 estimate despite the New York auction only being open to internet bidders. Yet although diamonds can represent a good investment, they are not for the faint-hearted.

Gold Is The Third Most Popular Investment

People have confidence in the investment potential of gold but there are certain elements of mistrust as well that are acting as a barrier even as the yellow metal Gold is the third-most popular investment choice among retail investors, according to the latest consumer survey by the World Gold Council. “Gold is the third-most consistently…