Weekend Music

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Barenaked Youtube link Madison Avenue – Don’t call me baby Youtube link Eric Clapton – My father’s eyes Youtube link John Denver – Country roads take me home Youtube link +++

8 things

The Homemaker had tagged me on this. Long time, i haven’t done any tags. So, here it goes… Eight things I am passionate about 1. Movies 2. Sports 3. Books 4. Blogging 5. Food 6. Child and women’s empowerment 7. My family 8. Gym 9. Investing. Yup, i have an extra passion 😉 Eight things…

Christmas Carols – Jewel

There’s something about Jewel and Laura Linney that reminds me of HER. My all time favourite singer, Jewel singing some of the best known Christmas carols. Hark the herald Silent Night +++

Hard Kaur

Another British-Indian singer, Taran Kaur Dhillion aka Hard Kaur burning up charts these days. Look 4 Me Sexy Boy Move your body – Johnny Gaddaar +++